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Arlo Camera Batteries

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Replacement Batteries for your Arlo Cameras

The latest trend in home security is for homeowners to eliminate monthly membership fees and costly installation by installing their own security systems. One of the most popular home security setups currently is the Arlo Smart Security System, which includes wire-free cameras. While setting up a DIY home security system is a cost-effective solution to home monitoring, without the monitoring of a third-party service, it's even more important to keep your system up and running at all times.

Arlo wire-free security cameras each run on four CR123A lithium non-rechargeable batteries. While batteries are included with your initial purchase, over time you will need to purchase replacements. BatteryJunction.com is an in-stock distributor of Arlo camera batteries, offering a broad selection of brand names and packaging options. Whether you purchased the single camera option (Model #VMS3130) and only require four replacement batteries, or you've set up 20 cameras throughout your property with model #VMS3530, we have the right batteries and packaging options to suit your needs.

Single-Use versus Rechargeable

According to the Arlo website, the wire-free cameras have been designed for use with non-rechargeable CR123A batteries. For best results, it is recommended that you continue to use these single-use lithium cells. We recommend sticking to the well-known manufacturers, such as Panasonic, Energizer, and Duracell. Lithium batteries work best with long-drain devices, such as your Arlo cameras, which are running 24/7 yet are only "working" a fraction of that time. Lithium Arlo camera batteries are also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, which is necessary for outdoor fixtures. These disposable cells also offer a longer lifespan when compared with the more well-known alkaline chemistry. Lithium non-rechargeable batteries also typically last longer than rechargeable cells, at least initially. The biggest difference between disposable and rechargeable cells is their long-term usage. Over time, rechargeable batteries last longer because you can recharge them; however, the application of the battery is really what matters when comparing the two. Rechargeable batteries work best in high-drain electronics that require a lot of energy, whereas lithium disposable cells work best in long-drain devices that require a constant stream of low power.

If you are looking for a rechargeable option, Arlo recommends utilizing the Tenergy Li-ion RCR123A batteries, which have been designed exclusively for use in Arlo cameras. These are the only rechargeable batteries we recommend for your Arlo home monitoring system as they have been extensively tested. According to the NetGear website, "the use of any rechargeable batteries with Arlo Wire-Free cameras is expressly and strictly prohibited, as they may pose a fire or burn hazard, or damage your camera."

Titanium Innovations - a Suitable Choice for Home Monitoring Cameras

Titanium Innovations, though not as well known as Panasonic, Energizer, and Duracell, is also a suitable choice for powering your Arlo cameras. These disposable CR123A batteries meet all of the requirements of reliability and power needed to keep your home monitoring system up and running, while maintaining your budget. Please note that there are a few maintenance steps you are required to complete when replacing your Arlo camera batteries:

  1. Remove the old batteries and dispose of them properly. Please contact your local authorities to learn how to safely dispose of Lithium.
  2. Power off the router.
  3. Power the router back on.
  4. Install new batteries into the cameras.
  5. Re-sync the cameras.

Batteries for All of Your Home Security Components

DIY home security systems are becoming a popular trend due to the low cost, increased privacy, and easy installation. While you may be saving money with your DIY security system, you won't be saving your family if your batteries are not replaced. What's great about lithium non-rechargeable batteries is that they offer a ten-year shelf life. Why not purchase a few backup batteries to keep on hand for when your Arlo camera batteries run low? When it comes to security and alarm batteries for both home and commercial use, BatteryJunction.com is your #1 source for in-stock replacement batteries. We are a reputable seller of high-quality batteries from the leading brands. Browse through our entire selection to power all of your security cameras, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and alarm panels.

Model Description # of Batteries We Recommend
VMS3130 1-Camera System 4
VMS3230 2-Camera System 8
VMS3330, VMS3330C 3-Camera System 12
VMK3200 3-Camera System &
1x Arlo Q Wired Devices
VMS3230C 2-Camera System 16
VMS3430 4-Camera System 16
VMK3500 4-Camera System &
2x Arlo Q Wired Devices
VMS3530 5-Camera System 20