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Around The House Flashlights

What Is The Best Home Flashlight?

A house just isn't a home without a flashlight! Having a household flashlight on hand makes situations like power outages and emergency situations that much easier to handle, so it's important to pick a solid performer. For our list of favorite home flashlight, we've compared series of EDCs and emergency lights. Selecting from lights that are easily powered, rechargeable or are just plain cheap and replaceable, here are the best household flashlights. Learn More

Top Pick

Nitecore LA10

Nitecore LA10

The Nitecore LA10 is compact, AA powered and functions as a handheld mini lantern. Includes a handy magnetic tailcap feature!

Top Pick

Olight Seeker 2 ProL

Olight Seeker 2 Pro With L-Dock

The Seeker 2 Pro is a powerful handheld searchlight with a comfort grip. This version includes a convenient wall dock charging system.

LED Flashlights for Home Use

The perfect around the house flashlight will have a combination of every day carry and emergency flashlight attributes. Naturally, an easily rechargeable flashlight with either USB or charging dock is a great idea, but you'll also want a light that can take backup primary batteries as well. While a house flashlight doesn't need to be the worlds brightest spotlight, more lumens can't hurt especially with a light that has multiple output settings.

Tactical Edge

While EDCs are compact and easy to store, you may want to consider a tactical style flashlight for self defense purposes. These lights are typically longer (around 6-inches) and often feature powerful disorienting strobe modes and crenelated strike bezels. Tactical style lights come in a wide variety of power sources, many newer models that support recharging and primary batteries as well.

A Light For Every Room

Why just have one or two fancy flashlights when you can fill your house with more affordable one? We've got a great selection of affordable lights from Energizer and Rayovac that can be stored in every spare nook and cranny of your home, giving you a major leg up in the event of a power outage or emergency. While these lights may not be as bright or be rechargeable like higher end models, they get the job done with long lasting primary batteries and their low cost, expendable nature.