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ASP Batteries

Tactical Flashlight Batteries from ASP

ASP batteries are the go-to power source for keeping your tactical flashlights powered and ready to work. Armament Systems and Procedures, also known as ASP, is one the nation's leading providers of law enforcement equipment, which includes performance lighting tools. From backup lights to tactical flashlights, the company has designed and manufactured powerful tools that meet and often times exceed the expectations of police officers around the country. When it comes to powering those flashlights, ASP batteries are the best solution as they must meet the same strict quality standards of the company's law enforcement equipment. ASP manufacturers safety products exclusively for law enforcement professionals, where safety is of the utmost of importance. Slacking on quality is not an option in their profession and therefore the products must be of the highest standard of quality. ASP batteries are no exception.

Lithium Power

ASP batteries are available for sale in the CR123A size. These non-rechargeable batteries feature lithium chemistry, which is powerful, versatile, and long-lasting. In fact, ASP CR123A batteries offer a 10-year shelf life so it is safe to keep backup cells with you at all time, as they won't lose power like other batteries that slowly drain over time. Lithium batteries also operate in extreme temperatures, thus making them more reliable than alkaline cells. Finally, for law enforcement professionals who carry their flashlights with them all times, lithium batteries weigh less and therefore make it easier and more comfortable for everyday carrying. These ASP CR123A batteries are available for sale in a few different packaging options. For larger police departments, you may want to choose the 50-pack option. We also sell these non-rechargeable batteries in smaller sets and pair them with plastic link cases. These specialized storage cases are designed to hold two side-by-side batteries at a time, so police officers can easier carry a spare set with them, while out on duty. Each case even features a unique connector, which gives you the ability to link them together, if desired. These ASP batteries with storage cases are sold in both a 12-pack and a 4-pack option. The 12-pack option includes six cases while the 4-pack has two.

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