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Battery & Charger Combinations

Below we've sorted our collection of combination packs that feature the world's most trusted chargers along side their compatible batteries. Shopping for charger/battery combinations is an excellent way to save money! We've separated the chargers by their most basic types: Smart chargers use a microchip to end the charge when the batteries are full. For AA and AAA. Protects your investment. Universal chargers can handle a wide variety of batteries sizes; AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. Universal chargers are available in both Timer and Smart versions. Trickle chargers constantly apply a small current to charge batteries. Inexpensive. Timer based chargers are trickle chargers with a timer to protect the batteries from overcharge. Inexpensive. We always recommend smart chargers as they maximize your battery investment, however if you have specific needs, we carry all types of chargers for your convenience.

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