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Energizer Batteries

Energizer Batteries for All of Your Power Needs

Sold in over 165 countries across the world, the name Energizer is synonymous with reliable, powerful, long-lasting batteries. Undeniably one of the most respected and trusted manufacturers of batteries in the world that "Power People's Lives." Energizer batteries are not just a household name; their industrial alkaline batteries are trusted by hard-working businesses and large companies throughout the country. Their Ultimate Lithium line of batteries is easily one of the best in the business and one of the best selling products on Battery Junction - if you haven't tried them yet, give them a shot, you won't be disappointed.

Energizer batteries can be organized into two different types: disposable primary cells and rechargeable secondary ones. Both types of batteries have their pros and cons so how do you know which battery will work best with your electronic device? The experts here at BatteryJunction.com have done the research for you so that you can gain a better understanding of Energizer's different collections and therefore choose the right power source for your electronics.

Energizer Recharge

Energizer Recharge® rechargeable batteries are perfect for everyday devices, such as digital cameras, handheld GPS devices, wireless gaming systems, and toys - all of which require large amounts of energy and are used quite frequently. Energizer rechargeable batteries are composed of the nickel metal hydride (NiMH) chemistry and provide a nominal 1.2 voltage. According to Energizer.com, one of the greatest advantages of NiMH batteries is their cycle life, or rather the number of complete charge/discharge cycles that a battery is able to complete while maintaining its capacity. Energizer Recharge® are designed to withstand the repetitive charging needs of popular electronics. In fact, these rechargeable batteries can be charged and recharged up to 1,000 times! In theory, that means that instead of using hundreds of alkaline batteries to power your devices, you'll only need a few Energizer Recharge batteries. Not only that, but they only take three hours to fully recharge!

When comparing NiMH with other chemistries, you'll quickly find that NiMH cells do not last as long as lithium primary cells; however, they will outperform alkaline cells when powering high-drain devices. Lithium primary batteries also last longer and work better in low temperatures, while NiMH beat out alkaline. This means that Energizer Recharge batteries are the perfect middle-of-the-road power source in terms of performance and longevity. What really sets NiMH rechargeable batteries apart from others is your ability to reuse the cells over and over again. For those of you who want to limit your waste production, nickel metal hydride batteries are a perfect choice. As an added bonus, the Energizer Recharge collection is now made from 4% recycled batteries, like the EcoAdvanced line. Browse through our selection of Energizer Recharge batteries, which are available in AA, AAA, and 9V sizes.

Energizer Disposable

Ultimate Lithium - the #1 Longest-Lasting AA

Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are superior in both performance and in design. Lithium primary cells perform in a range of extreme temperatures, last for up to 20 years in storage (10 years for 9V), and power your high-drain electronics for longer. All-and-all, Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are the top-tier power source in the company's arsenal of products. After such a tremendous review, some may be wondering, why not power all of your devices with lithium? Unfortunately, with great performance comes a great price, literally speaking. Lithium primary batteries are generally more expensive than alkaline and NiMH chemistries. Over time, however, these longer-lasting batteries create less waste and will subsequently have less of an impact on the planet. There are also some limitations when it comes to travel. In 2004, the US DOT and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) limited the number of cells carried by an airline passenger to just two. If you are someone who travels frequently with your electronic devices, it might be best to utilize NiMH or alkaline cells instead. Check out our collection of Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries which are available in AA (L91), AAA (L92), and 9V sizes. Bulk packaging options are also available!

Max - the #1 Longest Lasting MAX

Energizer Max alkaline batteries are known for the long-lasting power and for their impressive 10-year shelf life (5 years for 9V.) What truly sets these non-rechargeable cells apart is the low upfront costs. Alkaline batteries are nearly half the price of lithium cells, therefore making them way more budget-friendly. Additionally, the Energizer Max family can be found in practically any brick-and-mortar store (of course you will be stocking up with us, so this is irrelevant). The key to having success with these single-use cells is to make sure you limit their use to low-drain devices. Such electronics include remote controls, clocks, and radios. While you are still required to dispose of your batteries after use, you can feel comfortable knowing that the Energizer Max family is a Zero-Mercury battery, thus making it acceptable for most users to dispose of waste in normal garbage facilities, if desired, or better yet, tape the positive terminals, throw them into a clear plastic bag and then recycle them with your other recyclables. Please consult your local authorities for more details. The Energizer Max collection is available on our site in the following sizes: AA, AAA, D, C, and 9V.

EcoAdvanced - World's first AA & AAA Battery Made with 4% Recycled Content

The Energizer EcoAdvanced collection transforms worn-out batteries into new disposable cells, while still maintaining reliable power. With continued advancements in the digital world, the increase in consumer electronics is inevitable and as a result, there is an increase in the need for batteries. Because alkaline cells are the most affordable and the easiest to find, they are probably the most-used batteries and therefore the most disposed of and/or recycled. Energizer's team of scientists and researchers saw this as an opportunity to reuse the spent cells in a new way. The EcoAdvanced family of batteries incorporated recycled contents into each battery. Not only can you feel a little better about using these batteries, but you will also benefit from the improved shelf life of 12 years. Energizer is committed to continuing their research and advancements towards minimizing waste and being responsible for our planet. We know the 2016 product of the year award for USA sustainability is just more motivation for them to continue their efforts. According to Energizer, "Everyone has the power to make a positive impact. That's positive energy" and we here at BatteryJunction.com support their cause. The EcoAdvanced collection is made up of both AA and AAA batteries.

Energizer Batteries Compared

Energizer is one of the most popular and most innovative companies working in the portable power industry. Their top-of-the-line Ultimate Lithium collection is long lasting and powerful, while the Recharge family helps you to reduce your environmental impact. If you'd like to stick with tried-and-true alkaline disposable cells, you can't go wrong with Energizer's Max batteries. Regardless of which collection you choose, you can be confident that you are buying a reliable product from a reputable brand.