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LG Batteries

LG 18650 Batteries

LG batteries are known worldwide for their consistent quality, high performance, and long-lasting power. These batteries are ideal for the creation of battery packs used in the manufacturing and production of industrial electronics. Available in incredibly stable ICR, INR, and IMR chemistries, LG batteries push the cutting edge of battery technology and offer safe, reliable power for even the most demanding devices.

ICR Batteries

Lithium cobalt rechargeable or ICR Batteries use a LiCoO2 lithium cobolt oxide (LCO) chemistry and are well known for having high specific energy, even amongst its powerful li-ion brothers. Therefore when using an ICR, a PCB protection circuit should always be used in the final product.

IMR Batteries

Lithium manganese rechargeable or IMR Batteries are a classic standard of Li-ion cells, utilizing stable LiMn2O4 lithium manganese oxide (LMO) chemistry for high discharge rates and steady performance.

INR Batteries

Lithium nickel rechargeable or INR Batteries use a LiNiMnCoO2 nickel-manganese-cobolt oxide (NMC) hybrid chemistry for increased energy capacity. While relatively safe on its own, it is still recommended to add a PCB when adding this to any electronic device.