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Power-Sonic Batteries

Power-Sonic – A Trusted Supplier of Lead-Acid Batteries

Power-Sonic batteries are at the forefront in offering cost-effective, reliable lead-acid energy to your most complex and crucial systems. Founded in 1970, Power-Sonic has grown to provide a wide network of international services. As the backbone of medical devices and critical infrastructure, Power-Sonic has cemented themselves as a prime contender in battery solutions with their range of sealed lead acid and lithium iron phosphate batteries and chargers.

The Technology Behind Power-Sonic

Power-Sonic offers a host of SLA battery lines that prioritize different needs with a wide scope of voltages, chemistries, and construction, so you can find exactly what you need for the task at hand. The PG and PS Series SLA batteries are dependable all-around choices that offer quick current flow with a long-lasting design. Find Power-Sonic batteries with AGM technology that have a high current rate and a long service life. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries bring lithium to the table, with twice the power, deep cycling, and a lightweight build. Pair your phone with the Lithium Bluetooth Power-Sonic Series and connect wirelessly to manage crucial power systems wherever you are.

A Wide Range of Practical Use

Power-Sonic batteries can be used to power telecoms, UPS systems, medical devices, and industrial automation. With a host of battery options, choose one that’s right for the job. Find batteries with weather resistance, powerful voltage, long-lasting capacity, and a high cycle rate.

Lead-Acid batteries and chargers are covered under the Power-Sonic Limited Warranty. Most products are covered for one year, with some exceptions, such as the PG Series being covered for two years, and the PHR Series being covered for two or three years, depending on its use with UPS Systems.

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