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Xeno Batteries

About Xeno

XenoEnergy is a long time manufacturer of Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries. With over 20 years of experience and research, Xeno produces high performance, safe lithium batteries for the general public and industrial applications. As the certified US distributor of Xeno Batteries, Battery Junction is proud to offer bulk quantities of these high-quality Li-SOCl2 cells. This chemistry boasts excellent voltage behavior, increased temperature resistance, and low self-discharge in storage, making them increasingly popular.

Sizes for All Needs

Ranging from niche sizes to commonly found sizes, these 3.6V lithium batteries are the perfect power source for low-drain systems that don't need constant upkeep, like meters, electronic locks, or security systems. Here at Battery Junction, you can find everything from 1/2AA, to AA, C, and D with different terminal options, including T1 tabs.

Buy in Bulk with Ease!

We offer Xeno at competitive pricing and make it easy to buy these specialized batteries in bulk. To make your journey easy, you can also sign up for a Battery Junction Wholesale account and have one of our account managers take care of your order for you.

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