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28L / 28A Batteries

28A Battery Options

Fits Dog Collars & Cameras

The 28A battery is a powerful alkaline cell used in devices that require completely reliable power. The 28L battery, on the other hand, is a unique, lithium-based battery that is utilized in a variety of electronic devices, including bark collars and cameras. The lithium chemistry offers a non-rechargeable power source that is both long-lasting and powerful. The disposable 28L battery offers a 10-year shelf life, which means you can stock up on inventory without worrying about your supply dying. Lithium is also more flexible and can be utilized in an environment where temperatures change. Alkaline cells, on the other hand, stop working with exposure to extreme heat and extreme cold. The 28L battery is also much lighter than Alkaline cells, thus making it perfect for powering portable devices.

28L Versus 28A Batteries

What's the difference between the 28L battery and the 28A? First and foremost, the 28L battery features lithium-metal makeup while the 28A utilizes Alkaline. Lithium batteries feature lighter weight, extended run times and a generally longer shelf life than their alkaline counterparts. The alkaline 28A may not have the impressive stats of the 28L but are typically lower priced and great if you're in need of a quick replacement.

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Associated model names: 1406LC, 1414A, 28, 28A, 28L, 28PX, 2CR1/3N, 2CR11108, 478A, 4A76, 4LR44, 544, A544, K28A, K28L, L544, PX28A, PX28L, V2