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625A Batteries

The 625A is a compact 1.5V alkaline cell that is compact yet high-performing and commonly used in digital cameras. At BatteryJunction we not only sell this very niche button cell, but we also offer our everyday low price to accompany it.

Cross-reference: 1123M, 1124A, 1124MP, 4370, 4371, 4625, 990120, APHO0215, D625, DURPX625AB, E625, E625G, E625N, EPX13, EPX625, EPX625BP, EPX625G, GP625A, H7D, HD, HD1560, HD625, HDD, HG625R, KA625, KX13, KX625, L1560, LI560, LR09, LR9, M20, MAXLR9, MR09, MR9, MRB625, N65BC, NR9, PHO0215, PHO0240, PN625, PX13, PX13B, RM625, RM625R, V13PX, V60R, V625PX, V625U, WAC0290