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C Battery Cells


What is a C Battery?

The C battery is a standardized dry cell battery characterized by its 50mm x 26.2mm dimensions. They can have capacities up to 8,500mAh, and are used in mid-drain appliances, large toys, and some searchlights. They also go by the names L14 and LR14. Learn more about C batteries here.

C batteries are dry cell batteries that come in a variety of chemistries. From alkaline to NiMH and non-rechargeable to rechargeable, a C battery is versatile and the perfect vehicle for medium-drain devices. While ideal for toys, flashlights, lanterns and more, a C battery can have varying capacities ranging from 3,800mAh to 8,500mAh. In order to choose the perfect C batteries for your devices, BatteryJunction offers a wide assortment of trusted brands from Energizer and Duracell to Rayovac and Panasonic.

Cross-reference: LR14, PC-1400, MN1400, MX1400, E93, EN93, L93, C, C Cell, C Size