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CR2 Batteries

CR2 Batteries are compact and powerful lithium cells used in a variety of power-hungry devices like digital cameras and high-performance flashlights. BatteryJunction offers a variety of brands, like Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, and Titanium Innovations, who make CR2's with power and sustainability for your devices. CR2 Batteries are disposable, easy to replace, and lightweight so carrying a spare is always in your best interest when on a photography job or when using weapon mounted lights. Not to mention, CR2 Batteries have long shelf-lives, some lasting for up to 10 years. That lifespan means that your backup CR2 will be ready to use at a moments notice.

Cross-reference: DLCR2, DLCR2B, RLCR2, KCR2, EL1CR2, RLCR2-L, CR-2, 5046LC, DLCR2RPS