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Nitecore EC20 Tactical Flashlight Combo - CREE XM-L2 T6 LED - 960 Lumens - With Battery and Charger

Nitecore EC20 flashlight with battery and i2 charger
Nitecore EC20 flashlight with battery and i2 charger
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Nitecore EC20 Tactical Flashlight Combo - CREE XM-L2 T6 LED - 960 Lumens - With Battery and Charger

High-quality and Long-lasting

The EC20 is now available as a part of a bundled pack from Battery Junction that also contains a Nitecore battery and a charger. The EC20's lumen output is a whopping 960 lumens, in Turbo mode, and the reflector has Nitecore's exclusive crystal coating technology and precision digital optics technology, which give the user a reflector that is high-quality and long-lasting. The EC20 utilizes either 1 x 18650 li-ion battery, or 2 x CR123A lithium batteries. The battery life indicator is located on the power switch and it blinks purple brightly when the battery is at less than 50% charge - so you can know quickly and easily when to either recharge or replace your battery. Another unique feature on the EC20 is the gold-plated circuits, which are designed to stop any potential oxidation and also to promote an effective usage of power that's being drawn from the battery.

The Smoothest Charging Process You've Ever Experienced

With the Nitecore EC20, you'll get a Nitecore NL186 battery, which is a rechargeable lithium-ion cell that has 2600mAh and is 3.7V. It can be charged up to 500 times, which proves its efficiency against other common batteries, such as CR123As and alkalines. The Nitecore NL186 was created to be paired with high-drain electronic products that you tend to use daily. This is a protected battery, so it includes several parts that will ensure that the battery will run smoothly in the EC20 flashlight, like a plastic circuit board protector. This battery's tough, as it has a metal coating on the outside that increases its anti-abrasion properties. The charger that is included with the bundle is a Nitecore Intellicharger i2 2-channel Smart Battery Charger, and it is intended to charge two batteries at once, facilitating the smoothest charging process you've ever experienced.

Bundle includes:


  • Lumen output is whopping 960 lumens, in Turbo mode
  • Reflector has Nitecore's exclusive crystal coating technology and precision digital optics technology
  • Utilizes either 1 x 18650 li-ion battery, or 2 x CR123A lithium batteries
  • Battery life indicator located on power switch and blinks purple when battery is at less than 50% charge
  • Has gold-plated circuits, designed to stop any potential oxidation and to promote effective usage of power
  • Warranty is Nitecore's 60 month free repair
  • Included accessories are one spare O-ring, and lanyard


  • EC20:
    • Lumen outputs/Run times:
      • Turbo: 960 lumens / 1h 15 min. (18650) / 1h (CR123A)
      • High: 210 lumens / 6h (18650) / 5h 15 min. (CR123A)
      • Medium: 50 lumens / 28h (18650) / 20h (CR123A)
      • Low: 1 lumen / 520h (18650) / 300h (CR123A)
    • Candela rate/Peak beam intensity: 12,450cd
    • Beam/throw distance: 222m
    • Impact resistance: 1.5m
    • IPX: 8
    • Material: Hard-anodized aluminum alloy
    • Lens: Mineral glass (anti-reflective coating)
    • Reflector: Smooth
    • Other modes: Strobe, SOS, beacon
    • Battery source: 1 x 18650; 2 x CR123A
    • Light source: CREE XM-L2 T6
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 5 in./128 mm
      • Head/bezel diameter: 1 in./25.4 mm
      • Tail/body diameter: 1 in./25.4 mm
      • Weight: 2.68 oz./76 g (without batteries)
  • NL186:
    • Voltage: 3.7V
    • Capacity: 2600mAh
    • Size: 18650
    • Chemistry: Rechargeable lithium-ion (li-ion)
    • Watt hours: 9.6Wh
    • Charge-recharge cycles: 500+
    • Dimensions:
      • Diameter: 0.7 in./18.3 mm
      • Height: 2.7 in./69.6 mm
      • Weight: 1.64 oz./46.7 g
  • Intellicharger i2:
    • Charges (chemistry): IMR/Li-ion; Ni-MH; Ni-Cd
    • Charges (size): 26650; 22650; 18650; 18490; 18350; 17670; 17500; 16340/RCR123; 14500; 10440; AA; AAA; AAAA; C
    • Input level: AC 100-240V; 50/60Hz; 0.25A/8W; DC 12V/1A
    • Output level: 4.2V ±1%/1.48V±1%; 0.5A*2
    • Charging bays: 2
    • Charge current: 500mA
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 5.2 in.
      • Width: 2.75 in.
      • Height: 1.38 in.
      • Weight: 3.7 oz.
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By Steven
Millerstown, PA
These bundles are a a great idea:
September 19, 2016
I love Nitecore equipment. I have not found a single product they make that I would not recommend. This is a great way to get someone started in a rock-solid flashlight system with a high quality, the safest design Li-Ion battery and smart charger to power it. With the EC20 kit, just add the Jetbeam small or medium holster for a couple bucks (I like the snug fit of the small) and you've got it all at a lower price than if you bought it separately. If you already have flashlights, this is a great way to acquire backup gear at a reduced price package. The EC20 is a real little powerhouse and a lot of lumens per buck. It is ultra-simple to operate with its single, side-switch operation. My favorite Nitecore lights are the P12, MH12, which have a tactical tail switch, and the EC20 and MH10 which have the side switch. The MH models have a charger built-in.
  • Economical way to get into a great flashlight system with top quality everything.
  • None.
By Andy
San Francisco, CA
Good bundle for the price.
December 8, 2017
Good and bright flashlight. The bundle was a great price. Definitely would get this bundle. I light the mode feature on the flashlight where I can keep it at one mode and be able to turn it off without going through all the modes before turning off.
By Laurence
Nashua, NH
Perfect EDC light
September 3, 2017
This is a great light to have on you. It puts out a lot if light for its size and has a good throw. The switch on the bezel is easy to use.
  • Small and powerful
By Leo
Jamestown, RI
December 26, 2016
I gave this beauty to my sister for her birthday. She lives in Maine, and where she like to take her daily walk, it's imperative to have a powerful light handy when she gets a late start and it's dark next thing you know! This light more than does the job, and I've seen it in action. She loves the lanyard, hangs this light on the hangar with her walking jackets so she never forgets it. I am so glad I gave it to her because she use to walk with NO light at all, and that's just crazy! I've since given two more of this bundle as gifts, and it's such a great light and so reasonably priced there is no excuse not to have this light!
  • Powerful, handy lanyard, great bundle price, and fast delivery from Battery Junction.
  • None!
By Glen
Greenville, RI
Great starter Kit
September 17, 2016
Great light to give as a gift very bright and the charger display read out is use a friendly. The battery has a long life in between charges.
  • Bright light, the Charger charges many different batteries.
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