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Nitecore HC30 LED Headlamp Combo - CREE XM-L2 U2 LED (Cool or Neutral White) - 1000 Lumens - With Battery and Charger

Nitecore HC30 headlamp with battery and i2 charger
Nitecore HC30 headlamp with battery and i2 charger
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  • Featuring a 100° beam combined with 162 meters of throw, the Nitecore HC30 will light up your entire field of sight.
  • 90° rotating head provides additional beam range, allowing you to focus illumination to the sides of your cone of vision.
  • Triple-threat strobe, S.O.S., and beacon modes are crucial for the user in a tactical or survival pinch.
  • Single-button interface doesn’t play around- easily shuffle through the modes to best illuminate your situation.
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Nitecore HC30 Headlamp Combo

Multi-purpose LED Utility

Head mounted or hand held, the HC30 does it all!

A great utility flashlight is all about options, and the Nitecore HC30 brings them to you in the form a a multi-purpose headlamp that moonlights as an EDC. In its standard format, the HC30 is a 1000 Lumen headlamp that comfortably fits on your head or over a helmet with a durable nylon head strap. Remove the light from its housing however, and you have powerful LED angle light that can be used to get a peek at any spots or crevices where it might not be wise to stick your head! The body of the light is crafted from aerospace grade aluminum and features an IPX-8 Waterproof rating, perfect for outdoor or heavy industrial work.

The Full Package

Including high quality Nitecore battery and charger

Just for you we've put together a high value package including the HC30 headlamp, battery and charger. The included battery is a Nitecore brand 18650 with 2600mAh capacity that provides long lasting power, even on the highest brightness settings. The i2 Intellicharge is one of our best selling chargers thanks to a simple yet effective design that charges li-ion batteries quickly and safely with smart charger technology.

Bundle Includes:


  • Easy-to-use single button interface
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Prevents chance of damaging circuit from improperly installing batteries
  • Rotating head allows up to 90 degree of vertical rotation for a more customized view
  • Durable composition allows for long-lasting use
  • Comfortable, adjustable nylon headband provides secure hold
  • Included Accessories:
    • O-Ring
    • Switch Cover
    • Stainless Steel Clip


  • Output / Run times: Using 1 x 18650
    • Turbo: 1000 Lumens / 1 h
    • High: 400 Lumens / 3.5 h
    • Mid: 210 Lumens / 7.25 h
    • Low: 70 Lumens / 15.25 h
    • Ultralow: 1 Lumen / 330 h
  • Peak Beam Distance: 162 meters
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 6600cd
  • Impact resistant up to 1.5 meters
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters
  • Weight: 1.42 oz
  • Runs on 2 CR123A or 1 18650
By Tom
Roselle, IL
Great Value, Great Products
January 2, 2017
Bought the Nitecore combo in Neutral White during a Nitecore sale, and very glad I did. I had no charger previously, and this is my first 18650 cell powered light, so buying a combo was a good way to start.
The HC30 - Great light with powerful output and throw: Turbo gives 1000 Lumens and 162m throw. Modes specified are 1, 70, 210, 400, and 1000 Lumens. User Interface provides for access to the 1 Lumen level (a good level for night time walks or in a tent) directly with a simple short click, or to the last level at which the light was turned off and so memorized by a long press and release. Each click once on cycles through the sequence from lower to higher levels to Turbo and back around again. If you use the short click to go directly to the 1 Lumen level, you have to remind yourself that a LONG press is necessary to turn off the light (a short press will ruin your night vision). Run times reflect the good capacity and capability of the 18650 cell used. The head of the light has deeply cut heat sink fins to help dissipate heat. The HC30 comes with a snap-on pocket clip, but without a magnetic tail cap insert or a provision for a split ring or lanyard. The headband for the HC30 is versatile and well made; it's one with an over the top of the head strap for added security and holding power. The light hold is silicone rubber, and the retaining collar is a wide band of silicone rubber that the light fits into with reasonable ease and that gives good holding power to prevent the light from slipping that would change the beam direction.
i2 Charger - 2 cell charger designed to charge a wide variety of cell types and sizes. While the specifications say especially designed for IMR cells, and lists 14500 cells in its specs, I have had the i2 flash its lights at me when I've attempted to charge several brands of ICR 14500's and an IMR 16340 "out of their box" . By the time I experienced this I'd purchased an Olight UC Universal Magnetic Button charger, and it had no such reservations. So mixed results with the i2, but no problem with the combo included 18650 or other 16340's. Since this charges a wide variety of cell types, it's a keeper. If I'd bought it separately as my sole charger, I'd likely have returned it, disappointed with it balking at charging 14500's.
The included 2600mAH 18650 - Personally, I prefer having "mid-range capacity" cells, and not press the high capacity ceiling. The higher capacity cells are also more expensive. So, then, especially with the specs of the HC30, I'm fine with the 2600mAH, and, to insure design/fit compatibility, bought a second identical Nitecore 2600mAH cell at the same time.
  • Good mechanical design and build quality
  • Good modes and mode spacing
  • Charger handles a broad range of cell types and sizes
  • Included 18650 cell's capacity is adequate, the 2600mAH size is reasonable in capacity and price
  • Would have been nice to have a middle ground brightness between 1 and 70 Lumens
  • i2 Charger doesn't seem to handle 14500 cells "out of their box", but charges them once otherwise charged
  • No Tail Cap magnet
  • No provision for split ring or lanyard apart from rigging to the snap-on pocket clip
Roselle, IL
Powerhouse Headlamp
December 7, 2016
The Combo provides the charger for those who don't yet have one, and the all important Li-Ion 18650 battery. I always feel it best to buy at least one of the manufacturer's own branded batteries for first uses. While the capacity is in the lower range for 18650;s, it is adequate for most purposes.
The HC30 - well constructed, modes and functions well thought out. Strobe at double click moves this into a personal safety companion role as well as headlamp. Operational modes are well spaced and User Interface straightforward. Turbo level with 18650 makes this a powerful light, again moving the purpose to more general outdoor purposes than simply that of a headlamp. Even with two CR123A cells the HC30 is a great light (however, the 18650-size tube diameter means the cells will rattle a bit).
The Headband - Comfortable, won't slip due to over the top strap. Will say that I'm a bit worried about the silicone rubber holder for both long term durability and material degradation. Time will tell.
The Charger - charged the 18650's from Nitecore (I bought a 2nd of the same capacity) without issue, also charged two 16340's (ICR's with protection circuitry). However I needed to do a plug-unplug for the charger to stop alarming (all LED's blinking) to charge an IMR 16340 and an XTAR ICR 14500 800mAH with protection. Would not charge an Efest ICR 14500 800mAH, although an Olight UC Universal Magnetic Charger did the job without question. I'm thinking the charger is a bit too sensitive.
The Battery - I prefer to size the battery to the task rather than getting the biggest capacity (which, for Li-Ion's can lead to size or charging issues in addition to bigger cost-investment risk). The Nitecore 2600mAH is adequate for a camping adventure, and any other role (general outdoor search or personal safety strobe) wouldn't demand the longest run time, either. I might invest in a larger capacity for using this as a headlamp for more than a weekend adventure, but I'd always bring a backup 18650 and a pair of CR123A's in a plastic case.

Bottom line: Based on my experiences I'd not recommend this combo without stated caveats. I would recommend the HC30 itself, but suggest a buyer may want to choose another capacity 18650, and given the "sensitivity" I experienced, either a different charger if they had none, or this one for more general use with Li-Ion's and NiMH's.
  • Light, Headstrap, Charger, and Battery are well built, materials appear durable, practical.
  • Light has good modes and mode user interface - especially strobe at any double click
  • Light has Mode Memory - Good
  • Charger states wide use for ICR, IMR Li-Ion of almost all sizes, NiMH and NiCad cells.
  • Headband - Comfortable, useful in several modes.
  • Charger - Experiencing alarms for ICR 14500's and IMR 16340's that appear due to this charger being "over" sensitive (since other chargers have no issue with same cells)
  • Headband - Silicone Rubber holder bears long term evaluation for durability and material stability (no breakdown to stickiness)
By susan
mt pleasant, WI
Best headlight
December 14, 2019
I wanted a bright headlight to walk our small dog at night. We have coyotes in the woods by our home and being able to see what is out there is critical. Love this one!! Super bright if needed and super light weight. Liked it so much, I will get another for my husband so we can both see hands free yet keep a handle on the dog's leash.
The charger works great once you get the battery to stay in.
By David
Yosemite, KY
Good choice for a headlamp or standalone right angle light
June 21, 2019
Purchased as a companion to the P12GT. Output range works well for everything from up close detail work to fishing/hiking.
By Bulletmaker
ANOTHER Great Nitecore!!
October 19, 2017
It is so compact and handy! I have three other Nitecore headlamps and this is the one I like best. It is so powerful for its size. The batteries seem to last longer than in the other headlamps!
  • Handy and can be used as a stand alone flashlight.
  • Batteries seem to last longer for some reASON.
  • none
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