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The Best: AA Powered Flashlight

The best AA LED Flashlights

What's so great about a AA Flashlight?

In a world where they may seem outclassed by lights that use high powered lithium CR123A or Li-ion 18650 batteries, the question must be raised: why get a AA flashlight? The truth is that AA lights offer dependability, typically compact sizing and in many cases comparable output to the latest lithium powered units! For those with preparedness in the forefront of their mind they offer a reliable power source that can be purchased at most convenience or grocery stores. CR123A batteries may be easy and cheap to purchase online, but you can find AA cells just about anywhere!

How could we possibly pick favorites?

Working out a list of the current top 5 AA lights wasn't easy. Along with crunching the numbers involving sales history and product statistics, we've taken a hard look at direct customer feedback and our own personal experiences with the products. A list this short leaves off a ton of lights with unique styles and purposes, so if you don't see a light on our list that suits you take a look at our AA flashlight category for an extended list of high quality LED flashlights.

Top 5 AA Flashlight Recommendations:

Nitecore EA81

With more than enough power to compete with lithium powered lights, the Nitecore EA81 brings big illumination to the AA flashlight family. Capable of producing a piercing 2150 Lumens, the EA81 makes a great searchlight for rescue operations and emergency workers. While the light does require eight AA batteries, its multiple lighting levels can be used to conserve power for long lasting run times.

Specialty: LED Powerhouse

Style: Hand-held searchlight

Modes: 5 brightness levels, strobe, SOS

Great for: Search and rescue

Bonus: Orange peel reflector

Fenix E12

A sleek, compact style EDC with power to spare, the Fenix E12 really makes the most out of its CREE XP-E2 LED. Using a single AA battery it's the smallest light on our list, but also one of the most popular with longtime customers and Flashaholics. Rugged, shock proof aluminum construction make it great for both work and home use. A startlingly low price point and included battery make the E12 one of the best value buys available!

Specialty: Small size, big power

Style: Pocket sized EDC

Modes: 3 brightness levels

Great for: Everyday use

Bonus: 1 x AA Battery Included

Sunwayman D80A

Another AA flashlight that can compete with the latest tactical LED tech, the Sunwayman D80A is a dual headed light that can throw a beam up to 498 Meters!. Packed with the power of two CREE XM-L2 LEDs, this light is no slouch in the lumen department and has left us impressed at how bright it can be using eight AA batteries. Buyers of this light have praised the high output, easy to use interface and of course the easy to access power source.

Specialty: Long range dual beam

Style: Hand-held searchlight

Modes: 3 brightness levels, strobe

Great for: Hunting, Camping, Hiking

Bonus: Twin heads - double the LED!

Jetbeam PA40

For hard work in hazardous environments, few lights can match up to the Jetbeam PA40. Running on four AA batteries and producing 680 Lumens, the primary draw of this flashlight is its carbon fiber reinforced construction. The PA40 can easily handle hard impacts and drops thanks to extremely solid construction, and is even fully submersible up to 2 meters. If you need a hardcore light for construction or similar heavy work, this light is up to the task.

Specialty: Heavy duty durability

Style: Work light

Modes: 4 brightness levels, strobe

Great for: Industrial work, construction

Bonus: Carbon fiber reinforced body

Terralux Pro-1

Don't let the flashy orange finish fool you, the Terralux PRO-1 isn't all show. Available at bargain pricing, this light produces a stunning 154 Lumens, and with an ultra low price point it really brings the value. Despite the low price, the PRO-1 is made from highly durable aluminum and buyers have noted high durability and usability. The stylish finish lets this light really stand out from the pack, and adds great visibility even in dark areas.

Specialty: Bang for your buck

Style: Every day carry

Modes: 2 brightness levels, strobe

Great for: Work, home, play

Bonus: Snazzy metallic orange finish

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