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Best Car Flashlight To Keep In Your Vehicle

Best Emergency Car Flashlight To Keep In Your Vehicle!

There are a million types of car-related emergencies including flat tires, fluid leaks, fender benders, and more! It is imperative to be prepared with a car flashlight that can help shine a light on any situation. Battery Junction's Marketing Department has taken to the parking lot and decided to look into what makes for the best car flashlight. Talking to other co-workers and local residents we have learned what makes a light perfect for almost all car related situations. The most effective emergency car flashlight is small enough to fit (unobtrusively) in your glove box, is USB rechargeable, features long runtimes, and offers a hands-free option such as headlamps or flashlights with magnetic bases. The ability to recharge is beneficial because if your battery is running low then you can always plug it in a give it some juice on the fly via a USB cord. The long runtime and hands-free options are essential because if an emergency strikes late at night you don't want to be stuck in the dark. Attach your light to the hood of your car with a a magnetic base or take your time changing a tire by the light of your headlamp.

Best Flashlight For Car Emergencies - Olight H1R Nova Headlamp

Out of all of the flashlights and headlamps we offer, the Olight H1R Nova Headlamp fits most of the essentials we believe make up the safest and most durable light for any car emergency. The H1R Nova is compact and is easy to keep tucked into your car's glove box in case of a breakdown. The right angle light runs on a 16340 battery that can be recharged through the magnetic base via a USB cord that you can plug directly into most cars. If your car does not have a USB port there are several converters that make charging the flashlight possible. What really makes the H1R Nova Headlamp the best car emergency flashlight is the ability to use it as a headlamp, a right angle light, or even as an EDC flashlight. Moreover, the magnetic base allows you to attach it to the hood of the car if you need to work on the engine in the dark. The optional hands-free light options make changing a tire, loading bikes onto a rack, or working on the motor easier than it would be in dim lighting. The second option that works well as an emergency light is the Sunwayman G25C. It offers a long runtime, and is slightly cheaper, but it does not offer a hands-free light option and when the battery does die you will have to charge it externally.

We rely on our cars and trucks to make our lives easier. However, unforeseen events happen to everyone and it is critical to be prepared. One of the lights listed below is the Wagan FRED light which is similar to a red flare. If you break down at night then set one or two of these beside your car and they'll easily be seen up to a mile away!