Acebeam X50 2.0 High Intensity USB-C Rechargeable Handheld Searchlight - 45000 Lumens - Uses Built-In 10.8V 4250mAh Li-ion Battery Pack - Cool or Neutral White LEDs

Item #: ACEBEAM-X50-V2-OPT
Brand: Acebeam
Item #: ACEBEAM-X50-V2-OPT
Brand: Acebeam
  • 45,000 lumen turbo is an intense amount of power and easy to carry for long search and rescue
  • 60w Quick Charge USB-C Recharging offers a full battery in just one hour
  • 7 brightness modes plus strobe gives user options and self-defense
  • Temperature overheat protection and detachable handle for increased protection

Acebeam X50 2.0 - USB-C Rechargeable Handheld Searchlight

A Jaw-Dropping 45,000 Lumens

With 5,000 more lumens than its predecessor, the Acebeam X50 2.0 is a powerhouse for search and rescue purposes at a max 45,000 lumens. This light has 7 distinct brightness levels plus strobe for maximum light control and signaling. It even outputs a 400-lumen ultralow mode that can run for 11 hours, so it's not a problem if any search goes longer than expected.

This powerful searchlight is available with either neutral or cool white LEDs. With neutral white LEDs, prioritize a warmer tint with more runtime with less eye strain. On the other hand, cool white LEDs put the lumen and throw power to the forefront. The beam angle of 120 degrees keeps you aware of your surroundings in the darkest conditions.

One Hour Charging and Power Bank

Don't fret about keeping track of different batteries - the built-in battery pack has you covered. The built-in 10.8V/4250 mAh li-ion battery pack is fully rechargeable with USB-C. Also, with PD 60W Quick Charge, the light can be fully recharged in just one hour.

With a USB-C cable, you can use the X50 as a power bank to charge your personal devices! This can be handy while camping or if the power is out; You're never too prepared for an emergency.

Turbo High Med 3 Med 2 Med 1 Low Ultra-Low Strobe
Brightness 45,000 ↓9,200lumens 15,000 ↓9,200lumens 7,500 ↓9,200lumens 3,800 ↓3,600lumens 2,000 ↓1,600lumens 1200 ↓400lumens 400lumens 7,500lumens
Runtime .5 ↓113minutes 2 ↓113minutes 13 ↓130minutes 128 ↓41minutes 4 ↓0.62hours 6.08 ↓0.53hours 11hours 1hours
Distance 871meters 479meters 332meters 251meters 195meters 150meters 103meters 332meters
Intensity 189,660candela 57,360candela 27,556candela 15,750candela 9506candela 5625candela 2652candela 27,556candela
Turbo High Med 3 Med 2 Med 1 Low Ultra-Low Strobe
Brightness 43,000 ↓8,680lumens 13,000 ↓8,680lumens 7,300 ↓8,680lumens 3,500 ↓3,280lumens 1,900 ↓1,380lumens 1,000 ↓380lumens 380lumens 7,500lumens
Runtime .5 ↓113minutes 2 ↓113minutes 13 ↓130minutes 128 ↓41minutes 4 ↓0.62hours 6.08 ↓0.53hours 11hours 1hours
Distance 839meters 444meters 326meters 240meters 184meters 148meters 97meters 326meters
Intensity 175,980candela 49,284candela 26,569candela 14,400candela 8464candela 5476candela 2352candela 26,569candela
Note: Turbo runtime drops down during extended use to prevent overheating with internal temperature regulation technology.
  • Notable Features
  • » Internal overheating protection
  • » Detachable handle for stable grip
  • » Battery indicator to know when you're good to go
  • » Reliable safe lock - No accidental activation
  • » IP68 water and impact resistance
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