AE Light Xenide 25W HID Flashlight Searchlight 1500 lumens! AEX25

Brand: AE Light
Brand: AE Light
  • Boasting a brain-boggling 3000ft throw, very few lights can claim to reach over a half-mile away.
  • HID (high-intensity discharge) technology, utilizes xenon gas to produce brilliantly bright beams that will make your other flashlights jealous.
  • One of the brightest non-LED lights on the market, this light packs a significant 1500 lumens to light up anything in your path.
  • The 4000mAh capacity li-ion battery pack is capable of providing 2 hours of long lasting, non-wavering illumination.
Commonly referred to as Xenon these powerful lights are actually Metal Halide. The name XENIDE® (zee-nide) is derived from the words Xenon, an inert gas with cleansing properties and Metal Halide salts added in the arc chamber that vaporize when charged to create the light plasma.AE Xenide™ 25W HID FlashlightSpecifications:
  • 25W 1500± lumens
  • AE Xenide Run time *120 minutes
  • 12 degree fixed spot
  • Length * 13.5"
  • Weight 2lbs
  • Optimized reflector, with superior focus, and reflectivity resulting in better lumen transfer to the target and sharper crisper beam.
  • Improved HID burner resulting in more lumens per watt.
  • New "Patent Pending" lamp/ballast electrical circuit, resulting in less losses meaning more lumens per watt and allowing for closer connection shortening the length slightly.
  • New "Patent Pending" on/off switch mounted behind the light head and forward of the body, resulting in better balance, and single hand operation.
  • Light weight & short length.
  • Narrow diameter hand grip for better hand fit.
  • New ballast to battery connector with modular design for ease of replacement with longer run time battery.
  • Improved shock resistance.
  • AC charger with CE, UL, GS & PSE, certifications.
  • IP65 rating for use in intrinsically safe environments (Pending certification).
Optional XENIDE Colored Filter Set includes Amber, Blue, Diffuser, Green, Red & IR 850nm filters.Optional XENIDE Battery Charger Stand Allows you to charge an extra battery with the included AC adapter or optional DC adapter.
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