NOCO A202 12 Oz Corrosion Preventative

Item #: NOCO-A202
Brand: NOCO
Item #: NOCO-A202
Brand: NOCO
  • Versatile maintenance tool applicable to any vehicle battery, with billions of applications worldwide
  • Premium product made in the USA complies with American environmental and quality regulations
  • Formulated with an oil-based compound that neither dries nor evaporates for long term efficacy
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States


12.25oz NCP2 Battery Corrosion Preventative

This 12oz aerosol can of NOCO Corrosion Preventative can be used to spray a high quality formula that will shield vehicle batteries from acid fumes! This treatment prevents the power supply's metal connectors and cranking power from degrading. Spraying the A202 formula to preserve car battery terminals significantly creates a protective sealant that extends the overall service life of the vehicle battery by maintaining terminal integrity and eliminating electrical resistance for improved cranking power. A202 corrosion preventative can be applied to battery terminals, cables, hold-downs, enclosures, boxes, and carriers for full-fledged, comprehensive protection.

Note: For full-fledged battery treatment, use NOCO E404 Battery Cleaner and Acid Detector as a Step One treatment and A202 Corrosion Preventative as the Step Two solution.

  • Notable Features
  • » NOCO Corrosion Preventative resists chemical reversion and exposure to water, as well as the shocks and vibrations experienced during vehicle operation so one application will remain effective for an extended period
  • » Made using a formula trusted around the world, the original compound has remained innovative for more than a century
  • » Viscous compound provides a formidable preservative seal around battery terminals that is long lasting
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