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NOCO GB150 Boost 12V 3000A Jump Starter

Item #: NOCO-GB150
Brand: NOCO
Item #: NOCO-GB150
Brand: NOCO
  • 3,000 amps powers compatible vehicles in no time to get right back on the road
  • Mistake-proof construction protects jump starting process and battery charging
  • USB, 12V compatibility helps to charge a host of devices from an iPhone to a power inverter
  • Flashlight mode has max 500 lumens and SOS outputs for any roadside emergency

NOCO GB150 Boost 12V 3000A Jump Starter

Safe and Protected Jump Starting Powerhouse

Jump starting your car has never been easier than with the NOCO GB150! With the GB150 stored in your trunk, you have 3,000 amps at the ready for any roadside emergency with 80 total jump starts in one charge. It can power gas engines up to 9 liters and diesel engines up to 7 liters for a wide range of use between cars, SUVs, trucks, and boats.

NOCO constructed this jump starter with distinct safety protection to safeguard the GB150, you, and your vehicle. Designed ultra-safe, it has spark-proof technology to make sure jump-starting of any vehicle doesn't cause any unintended ignition. The reverse polarity protection makes connecting to batteries safe, preventing shocks or leaks. Have peace of mind in jolting your engine back to working order with no worry of faulty hardware.

More Than Meets the Eye

This energy-dense power hub can effortlessly be used to power compatible devices. Charge your phone via Micro-USB and charge tire inflators or power inverters via 12V cables. With a wide range of power compatibility, NOCO has your back on any road trip.

The GB150 includes a fully-integrated flashlight with 6 output modes, including a max 500-lumen output and emergency signaling capability. Whether you need a bright light checking under the hood or you need to flag down any roadside assistance, you're covered with steady illumination fit for any nighttime maintenance.

  • Notable Features
  • » User interface presents voltmeter, on/off controls, and battery indicator
  • » IP65 waterproof rating protects the GB150 in rainstorms
  • » Designed for use in wide temperature range
  • » Built compact for simple carry and flashlight use
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