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Petzl Duo RL Rechargeable LED Headlamp - 3000 Lumens - Includes 1 x Li-ion Battery Pack

Item #: PETZL-E103AA00
Brand: Petzl
Item #: PETZL-E103AA00
Brand: Petzl
  • Reactive lighting capabilities optimize burn time and battery life
  • Multiple brightness settings and beam patterns
  • Strong and tough: dustproof and waterproof alongside impact, fall, and crush resistance

Petzl Duo RL Rechargeable Headlamp

Powerful 2800 lumen output

The Petzl Duo RL is a smart, heavy-duty headlamp. Its ultra-bright 2800 lumen output covers all the bases in outdoor activities from cave exploration, camping, hiking, and more. Its aluminum construction provides extreme fall, crush, and impact resistance to ensure the Duo RL is a long lasting investment. IP67 dust and waterproofing add to its durability, capable of being submerged in up to 1 meter of freshwater for 30 minutes.

Reactive Lighting

The Duo RL's main draw comes with its reactive lighting technology. Using a sensor to analyze ambient light, the RL will automatically adjust its brightness according to your surroundings. A variety of brightness modes are available to switch between including wide, mixed, and narrow beams to adapt it to the environemnt further. Reactive lighting minimizes the amount of neccessary manual operation with the added benefit of optimizing the burn time, so you can stay focused on the activities at hand.

Close-Range Work Movement Rapid Movement Maximum Power Distance Vision
Brightness 25-120lumens 50-250lumens 100-550lumens 150-2800lumens 100-900lumens
Beams Wide Mixed Mixed Mixed Narrow
Runtime 24-72hours 12-38hours 6-24hours 1.5-18hours 3-24hours
Distance 18meters 32meters 75meters 255meters 235meters
Close-Range Work Movement Rapid Movement Maximum Power Distance Vision
Brightness 80lumens 200lumens 450lumens 1800lumens 700lumens
Beams Wide Mixed Mixed Mixed Narrow
Runtime 24hours 12hours 6hours 1.5hours 3hours
Distance 16meters 32meters 70meters 200meters 230meters
Low High
Brightness 20lumens 100lumens
Beams Wide Mixed
Runtime 72hours 24hours
Distance 8meters 26meters
Note: The Duo RL, with the exception of survival mode, reserves 2 hours of 25 lumen lighting for all modes
  • Notable Features
  • » Reactive lighting minimizes manual input while optimizing burn time
  • » Multiple brightness modes and settings for all ranges of environments
  • » Varied beam types adapt the RL to confined, open, and mixed spaces
  • » Max output of 2800 lumens with a beam reaching 255 meters away
  • » USB rechargeable reaching full capacity in 4 hours
  • » IP67 dust and waterproofing, withstanding 1 meter submerged for 30 minutes
  • » Aluminum body resists falling, crushing, and other impacts
  • » Battery life indicator shows you how much power is left
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