Renata CR2016 Bare Coin Cell Battery Lithium Li-MnO2 3V - Tray of 200

Item #: RENATA-CR2016-IB-TRAY-200
Brand: Renata
Item #: RENATA-CR2016-IB-TRAY-200
Brand: Renata

Renata CR2016 Batteries

200 Piece Tray | Lithium Coin Cell

These Renata CR2016 batteries are used in a wide array of devices, especially in the automotive and medical industries. These tiny cells use lithium chemistry to pack a significant 90mAh capacity into a casing that weights less than 4 grams. This same chemistry offers a 10 year shelf life, which makes bulk-buying a win-win scenario. This 200-pack tray is a steal, and will keep you and your devices going for years to come.


  • Brand: Renata
  • Size: CR2016
  • Capacity: 90mAh
  • Shelf Life: 10Years
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Chemistry: Lithium

Battery Dimensions

  • Height: 1.524mm (.06")
  • Diameter: 19.812mm (0.78")
  • Weight: 3.629g (0.128oz)
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