Surefire EarPro EP10 Sonic Defender Ultra Max Earplugs - Medium - 1 Pair - Clear (EP10-MPR)

Brand: SureFire
Brand: SureFire

EP10 Sonic Defender Ultra Max

Come again?

Ears. Crinkly flaps of skin that stick off the side of your head. Who would have guessed that they were the only thing standing between your delicate sense of healing and the earth-shatteringly loud blasts of your favorite firearm? Well those flabby skin flaps just won't cut the mustard, and it is time for a SUREFIRE intervention. The Surefire EP10 Sonic Defender Ultra Max is a highley effective full-block foam-tipped pair of earplugs that offer an incredible 30dB Noise Reduction Rating, keeping your hearing safe at the range or in tense tactical situations. The Sonic defenders are available in a range of colors including Black, Clear and Orange as well as in small, medium and large sizings. A powerful, comfortable and reusable option, the EP10 Sonic Defenders are the number one choice for tactical hearing protection.

  • 30dB Noise reduction rating
  • Soft memory-foam comply canal tips
  • EarLock retention rings
  • Made from hypoallergenic medical-grade polymer
  • Low-profile design
  • Available in clear, black and orange
  • 26" detachable lanyard and carrying case
  • Additional pair of Comply Canal Tips included
  • Noise Reduction rating: 30dB
  • Color: Clear, Black, Orange
  • Size: S, M, L
  • Filter: No
  • Stem: Comply Canal Tips
  • Radio Comm Compatible: No
  • Included Lanyards: Detachable
**Some Options Are No Longer Available
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