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Nitecore Replacement Blade for the NTK05 and NTK07 - 1 Piece

Brand: Nitecore
Brand: Nitecore
  • Replaceable No. 2 scalpel blade for easy installation
  • Compatible with both NTK05 and NTK07 keychain knives
  • Can be used with any knife compatible with No. 2 scalpel blades
  • Made from durable carbon steel for long-term use

Nitecore Replacement Blade for NTK05 and NTK07

High Quality Replaceable Cutting

If the blade of your NTK05 or NTK07 has dulled, pick up this Nitecore Replacement Blade! Made from carbon steel, this blade is super durable to ensure long-term use. This material also provides excellent edge retention so you can easily cut through cardboard, leather, and more without any worries. Its overall design also lets you use this replacement with any No. 2 scalpel blade-compatible gear.

  • Notable Features
  • » Designed to replicate the exact specifications of the NTK05 and NTK07 blades
  • » Carbon steel material design provides excellent durability and edge retention
  • » Design based on the No. 2 scalpel for easy installation
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