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Nitecore Flexible USB-C to USB-C Stand

Brand: Nitecore
Brand: Nitecore
  • Cable bends and holds in place for multipurpose placement or storage
  • Rugged and malleable build ensures the cord stays functional when folded
  • USB-C connections are common to mobile devices, laptops, and external hard drives
  • Port format capable of transferring data and providing audio in addition to power supply

Nitecore USB-C to USB-C Stand

Flexible, Form-retaining Charging Cord

The Nitecore Flexible USB-C to USB-C Stand can connect diverse sets of devices to one another while remaining shapeable for multipurpose deployment. As its name suggests, Nitecore's Flexible USB-C to USB-C Stand can be folded and will hold that form so that it performs to your specifications. Plug in a light and bend the cord to angle the light toward your next task for concurrent charging and illumination ability, or just use it to keep a device in a specific position for extended periods of time. The formability of the cord makes it ideal for compact travel packing compared to messy splaying cords that need a twist tie to secure.

  • Notable Features
  • » Heavy duty materials and construction allow electronics to withstand twists and bends
  • » Flexible yet sturdy so that it retains shape to hold devices at designated angles
  • » The ability to maintain custom configurations makes this a great travel companion compared to tangling wires
  • » Compatible with an increasing number of devices including flashlights, laptops and mobile devices
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