Wagan PowerDome PLEX - Jump Starter, Powerbank, and 260 PSI Air Compressor with 50 lumen LED

Item #: WAGAN-7561
Brand: Wagan
Item #: WAGAN-7561
Brand: Wagan
  • AC outlets provide up to 400 watts to power your appliances on-the-go
  • Powerful jump-starting capability, perfect for breakdowns or dead car batteries
  • 260 PSI air compressor provides user with tools to inflate tires or recreational equipment
  • Includes AM/FM radio for use during power outages

Wagan Power Dome PLEX

Bring Power Off the Grid!

Enjoy electricity anywhere thanks to Wagan's Power Dome PLEX, a powerful, multi-use device. Featuring a powerbank that delivers 400 watts of power, you'll be able to power a slew of devices and appliances while out camping, during emergencies, or if you're living off-grid. Two NEMA-15 AC power ports are available, plus 12V DC and USB-A ports. Recharge your Power Dome PLEX with ease at home or plug in a 12V solar panel for endless power - the internal SLA battery is built to handle repeated recharges and never falter.

Features to Keep You Prepared

The 50-lumen LED and AM/FM Radio are features you will love and appreciate while in the backcountry or caught in a power outage. Illuminate your workspace, hard-to-reach areas, campsite, engine block, and more with the integrated COB LED. And always have the ability to tune in to your favorite station or local news for updates and important information.

Tools for the Road

The Power Dome PLEX features an air compressor and jump starter to give you the tools to keep your vehicle running. Enjoy the 260 PSI air compressor on the road or at home - this tool is great for anything from flat tires to pool toys, sports equipment and more! The internal SLA battery and included jumper cables deliver a powerful jump start if you experience a dead battery. No need to call for roadside assistance or flag down passerby - keeping the compact Power Dome PLEX gives you independence and safety in emergencies.

  • Notable Features
  • » Up to 1000A of power can jump-start nearly- or completely-dead batteries in your vehicle without the need for roadside assistance
  • » 400W AC ports can handle 800W peak surge, making it perfect to power appliances
  • » Powerbank feature with included 120V AC, 12V DC, and USB power ports allows user to keep devices charged, especially useful for camping or emergencies
  • » Air compressor feature plus inflator accessories have automotive and recreational applications - inflate flat tires, sports equipment, and more
  • » Replaceable 40A fuse protects from overload
  • » Includes AM/FM radio with 3.5mm audio output jack
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