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NOCO GENPRO10X4 4-Bank 40A Onboard Battery Charger

Brand: NOCO
Brand: NOCO
  • 4 banks with 10A output each - charge plenty of individual batteries on hand
  • Acts as a battery desulfator to restore dead batteries and boost performance
  • Charges with a max of 40 amps for starter, deep-cycle, and boat batteries
  • Intuitive user interface makes operation a breeze to cycle through all modes and charge up fast

NOCO GENPRO10X4 4-Bank 40A Onboard Battery Charger

4-Banks and 40 Amps

The NOCO GENPRO10X4 is a smart battery charger ready to power compatible batteries with professional-grade construction. Designed with 4 banks, this charger outputs a total of 40 amps. Charge starter, deep-cycle, and boat batteries with 12V, AGM, Lithium, and Repair modes. With plenty of charging options available, have independent charging for each bank for more freedom in charging batteries on hand.

The GENPRO10X4 is one of the top onboard chargers for marine batteries. With an IP68 waterproof rating, fully-sealed construction, and after countless tests, this charger has proven to withstand hours underwater. If you are an avid sailor this is an excellent choice to make sure your ship's power supply remains fully operational.

Expert Battery Charge Management

The GENPRO10X4 isn't just a trickle charger, but a battery maintainer with zero overcharge designed for automatic adjustment. It has the unique ability to monitor battery sulfation levels, automatically restoring lost battery performance and extending the overall battery lifespan. Charge batteries continuously without hovering to check if everything is running smoothly, NOCO has you covered.

  • Notable Features
  • » Thermal sensor adjusts charging depending on surrounding temperature
  • » Can charge batteries as low as just one volt
  • » User interface provides an array of options on diagnostics and charging modes
  • » Battery indicator lets you keep tabs on charging process with every bay
  • » Charges 12V lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries of different chemistries (flooded, gel, maintenance-free, and AGM batteries) and types (starter, deep-cycle, and marine batteries)
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