Tenergy TN270 Li-ion Battery Charger for 18500 18650 & 14500 Batteries (01270)

Item #: TENERGY-01270-TN270-CHGR
Brand: Tenergy
Item #: TENERGY-01270-TN270-CHGR
Brand: Tenergy
Tenergy TN270 Li-ion Battery Charger

The Tenergy TN270 Lithium Ion Battery Charger not only has two independent charging channels, but comes outfitted with easily adjusted battery compartments. This allows you to safely charge two batteries regardless of their individual discharge state or capacity at the same time.

Features and Specifications:
  • Worldwide Voltage, Compatible with AC 100-240V (50Hz~60Hz) input.
  • Two independent charging channels allow for individual charging and detection.
  • Constant Current and Constant Voltage Charging Mode.
  • Compatible with: Li-ion 18500 / 18650 / 14500 / RCR123A batteries.
  • Easy LED Status Indicator
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: 01270
Rated input voltage AC 100V - AC 240V (50Hz/60Hz)
DC 12V - 24V 500mA
Output voltage 4.2V 500mA x 2
Weight 166g
Dimension 134mm x 55mm x 30mm
Normal use temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage temperature >-10°C to 70°C
Charging direction LED is red when charging, turn to green when full.
Over voltage protection Yes
Over current protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Reverse polarity protection Yes
  • DO NOT attempt to disassemble the charger.
  • DO NOT attempt to charge other types of batteries beside the ones that are specified; improper use can cause explosion and breakage.
  • The charger is only for in-house use and should be kept away from external heat.
  • Keep the charger away from humidity; no liquid is allowed to get in, otherwise it may cause damage and lead to an accident.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • It may not be able to fully charge a battery that has not been used for a long period of time; several recycles of charge-discharge will improve the battery's performance.
  • Please remove battery from charger after charging has completed to avoid battery self-discharge.
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