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Coleman 58022 6 Watt Trickle Charger

Coleman Watt Trickle Charger front view with DC adapter and clamps
Coleman Watt Trickle Charger front view with DC adapter and clamps
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The Coleman 58022 Solar 12V Battery Trickle Charger is ideal for charging the 12V battery in your SUV, RV, Boat, Electric Fence, or Deer Feeder. Providing up to 6 Watts and 400mAh of current, it provides maintenance free charging in all daylight conditions.

Feautures and Specifications:
  • Charge 12V Batteries with the power of the Sun
  • Maximum power output 6 Watts and 400Mah
  • Works with Boats, SUVs, RVs, Electric Fences, and Deer Feeders
  • Fully Weatherproof
  • Plugs into 12V DC Plug or directly to the battery with included clamps
  • Quick connect and disconnect to the battery
  • 4 Pre Drilled holes for easy installation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Built in Overcharge/Discharge Protection
  • Works in all Daylight conditions
  • Includes:
    • 4 Pre cut holes for easy installation
    • 4 Stainless Steel Screws
    • 9.5 Ft wire
    • 12V DC Plug
    • Battery Clamps
    • Quick Connect technology
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 18” x 1.5” x 14.5” (45 x 3 x 36cm)
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs(2.1Kg)
  • Five year warranty.
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: 58022
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Charge Channels:1
Supported Chemistries:SLA
Compatible Battery Sizes:SLA
Batteries Included:No
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Product Weight:73.6oz
Product Dimensions:18" (L) x 1.5" (W) x 14.5" (H)
Country of Origin:China
Can I use panel outdoors?

Yes, this panel has been weatherproofed. The weatherproofing includes UV protection and weather effects of -35°F to 175°F

Will my panel drain a battery at night?

No, this panel includes a blocking diode to prevent battery drain and reverse current.

What type of battery can a trickle charge?

Any 12 volt battery can be trickle charged with this solar panel.

How long will it take to charge a battery?

Under ideal conditions, this panel will generate up to 400 mAmps of current, supplying a steady trickle charge to any 12 volt battery.

Do I need a charge controller?

A charge controller is not required for a 6 Watt solar panel. A 6 Watt panel will not overcharge your 12 Volt battery. A charge controller is recommended for panels greater than 15 Watts.

Can I run appliances off this panel?

Yes, however, the current will vary depending on the sunlight. Charging a battery is therefore the recommended installation and running protocol.

Can I mount this panel directly on a surface?

Yes, this panel can be mounted with the included stainless steel screws. To increase the heat dissipation, a heat resistant spacer should be used between panel and surface for optimized use.

How far can I extend the wire?

Current length should accommodate 95% of installations; however, wires can be extended up to a maximum of 30 feet with 16 gauge wires. Stripping wires to extend should be done carefully, connecting positive to positive and negative to negative appropriately.

Coleman 58022 6 Watt Trickle Charger

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