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Dedomed Flashlights

What is a Dedomed Light?

Manually dedoming an LED is a popular trend in the flashlight industry. As a result, some manufacturers are offering dedomed flashlights as a "safer" alternative to handmade versions. Relying on the manufacturer to create domeless flashlights also guarantees that the light will maintain its advertised properties, such as color and intensity. But what does it mean to de-dome an LED and why would do some flashlight users insist on modifying their expensive lights? The act of dedoming an LED is when the silicone dome that is positioned over-top of an LED is removed. The idea behind this procedure is that removing the dome will enhance the LED's performance. Removing the dome also increases the surface brightness and decreases the beam's angle by about 15°. In short, when the silicone dome has been removed, the throw of the LED is increased dramatically and the tint is warmer. The downside to a dedomed flashlight is that the lumen output may decrease a bit.

Why Not Just Use a Higher-Powered LED?

With the advances in technology today, the need to de-dome your flashlight's LED is lessening. Cree, for example, has developed a High Intensity (HI) LED that produces the same advantages of dedomed LEDs. The difference between the HI LED and others are that instead of a silicone dome covering, the HI model has a plain overlay over-top of the emitting surface. The engineers at Cree were, therefore, able to maintain the same brightness levels, lifespan, and overall performance of standard LEDs while providing the increased throw and beam intensity desired by flashlight enthusiasts. All of which is captured by a manufactured LED, which prevents users from modifying a light and potentially voiding their warranty. Please feel free to browse through our entire selection of High Intensity (HI) LED flashlights to find a powerful light that suits your needs.

Don't Do This At Home

Please note that while we understand the reasoning and purpose behind dedoming an LED, we do not recommend that our customers should modify their lights in any way. Not only could this process be dangerous, but it would also void out the manufacturer's warranty. For this reason, we've put together a list of dedomed LED flashlights that have been modified by the manufacturer during a production run, so that you can benefit from the having a dedomed LED without having to modify the light yourself. Have questions or need help choosing the right LED flashlight? No problem. Our staff of flashlight experts is here to help answer any questions you may have, and to help you order the right products for your needs. Feel free to contact us by phone, email, or Live Chat. Thank you for shopping with us at BatteryJunction.com.