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CR123A Size Dummy Cell - 0 Voltage for Flashlight spacer DUMMY-CR123A

CR123A Size Dummy Cell - 0 Voltage for Flashlight spacer DUMMY-CR123A
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CR123A Size Dummy Cell - 0 Voltage for Flashlight spacer DUMMY-CR123A
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CR123A Dummy Cell:
  • This is a dummy cell of size CR123A.
  • The positive and negative have been connected together with 0 voltage and 0 resistivity
  • Dimension: 16 Dia. x 32 H mm.
  • Weight: 17 g or 0.6 Oz.
  • Warning: DO NOT put this dummy cell into a charger as that will cause a short circuit
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By Ken
Southeastern USA
December 13, 2016
A great addition for those that have a 2 cell 16340 light and want to use a single cell.
Pros- Works perfect in my older Streamlight and others without loss of brightness, however, runtime does suffer a little. - The markings on the cell state "CR123A Dummy - Warning Do Not Charge" in fine print.
Cons- Not really a con, but I'd like the see the word "Dummy" in bolder print to easily distinguish the cell from a rechargeable one.
By MarkWayne
madison mississippi
March 25, 2016
Voltage is not absolute it is only Nominal (named)
is only a simple "jumper" in an easily deployed application specific configuration. Have had great success with some other dummy batts purchased from other sources (AAA & AA) My installation of the CR123A Size Dummy Cells purchased from you calls for 1 of the "dummy batts" in a device that runs on 4 pcs* of Cr123A dispos-a-batts.. (5 separate devices) *in series for a nominal output of 12 volts Rechargeable batteries (specifically lithium formulations) are the BEST way to go! Alkaline batteries work fairly well, for being some really ancient technology that dates back to... I dunno the " Egyptian Pyramid days"? Nickel–cadmium, & Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries are ok but sometimes they "self drain" so quickly that it can be very frustrating! &#X1f609 Lithium formulations in a disposable package have a long "shelf / standby life" but are somewhat costly & a waste of the lithium metal that could be used much more wisely to make more rechargeable batteries, rather making single use cells (yes most people will simply toss those into the trash when they are dead, wasting this valuable metal!) Lithium rechargeables typically output 3.7 volts; in a 4 cell series arrangement, the combined voltage is 14.4 volts.. or so (nominal) Maybe the extra 2.4 volts will not harm the device?, yet a fully charged lithium "cell" can have a 4.2 volt charge so that puts it up into the 16.8 volt range. (in a 4 cell series arrangement) That may be risky in my opinion.. I have not digital volt meter tested enough devices, & batteries to know the actual variances of tolerance & compatibility for all the possible combinations.. it was only recently that I found out a 12 volt battery is not, rather it is a 12.4- 12.8 volt battery.. the same is true for several other " Nominal voltage values" My devices will run just fine off of 3 pcs 3.7volt RcR123A cells (16340 ) (in series nominal output is 11.1- 12.6 volts).. tried that before I ordered the dummies.. just needed a handy jumper to fill the empty parking spot for a complete circuit.. The other "guys" wanted to much for the shipping, this is why I buy from you.. have purchased several times from Battery Junction.. one could argue that even a "premium ship fee (aka too EXPENSIVE)" is less costly than a drive to go-an-get-it, saves time etc, BUT a reasonable ship cost leaves more coin for buying the goods.. it is smarter paying actual ship cost without "unreasonable handling charges" added to the total Best Regards & thanks for having this product
San Tan Valley, AZ
April 7, 2015
It works
Some times you need a spacer to fit certain cells in larger lights. I have used several of these for a few years now. They work, the wrapper has not failed nor peeled away. I do not know what else could be said about this quality product which is priced very reasonably.
By Phil C.
Boston, MA
September 8, 2014
Don't burn out your LED
When you want to use CR123's but too many would burn out your LED by exceeding the voltage limit. This dummy cell fits perfectly to round out the flashlight cell capacity without exceeding the voltage limit.
Prosgives flexibility in battery/flashlight configuration
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CR123A Size Dummy Cell - 0 Voltage for Flashlight spacer DUMMY-CR123A

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