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Energizer 392 384 Silver Oxide 192 SR41SW SR41W 1pc (Each)

Energizer 392/384 coin cell in 1 piece tear strip packaging
Set of 5 Energizer 392/384 coin cells in tear strip packaging
Close up of Energizer 392/384 coin cells in tear strip packaging
Energizer 392/384 coin cell in 1 piece tear strip packaging
Set of 5 Energizer 392/384 coin cells in tear strip packaging
Close up of Energizer 392/384 coin cells in tear strip packaging
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 Image Shows 5 Batteries. (Batteries Are Sold Individually)

Energizer 392/384 Silver Oxide 192 SR41SW SR41W

With a stable output voltage and low self-discharge, the Energizer 392/384 is the ideal button cell for smaller continuous use devices that are in need of a brand new replacement battery. With a battery voltage of 1.55, this Energizer is sure to last in your most valued of devices such as watches, calculators, small toys, keyless remote entry systems, digital thermometers, and glucometers. With a shelf-life of 4-6 years, the Energizer will be the perfect back up when you need it the most.

  • Diameter: 7.9 mm
  • Height: 3.6 mm

  • Bulova 247B
  • Citizen 280-13
  • Duracell D392
  • Energizer 392
  • Goldpeak 392
  • Maxell SR41W
  • Panasonic SP392
  • Rayovac 392
  • Renata 392
  • Seiko SB-B1
  • Sony SR41W
  • Timex K
  • Toshiba SR41W
  • Various AG3
  • Various LR41
  • Various SR41
  • Varta V392

Tear Strip Quantity Disclaimer
Battery Size:LR41 / 392 / 384 / SR41W
Battery Capacity (mAh):41
Battery Chemistry:Silver Oxide
Battery Voltage:1.55
Battery Terminal Type:Flat Top
Battery Shelf Life:4-6 Years
Packaging:Tear Strip
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Product Weight:0.02oz
Product Dimensions:0.311" (L) x 0.311" (W) x 0.142" (H)
Country of Origin:United States
Associated Battery Sizes:1134SO, 1135SO, 192, 384, 384/392, 392, AG3, G3-A, AWI M06, AWI S13, AWI S22, Citizen 280-13, Citizen 280-18, D384/392, GP92A, KS392, L736, LR736, LR41, RW47, SG3, SG3/192, SP384/392, SR/TR41W, SR41, SR41W, SR736, Seiko SB-A1, Seiko SB-B1, Seiko SB-D1, Timex K, V392
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By Tom
Roselle, IL
Stop Putting Alkalines in your Nano!
December 31, 2016
Aren't those Nano lights cute? But have you found yours not working right? Give it a couple wacks (not easy to do to such a small thing) and it's bright again? Open it up and find powdery corrosion film on your LR41's? Get rid of those Alkaline cells if you have any fondness for your Nano! Switch to Silver Oxide cells, these 392/SR41's are just the ticket to more reliable Nano operation and eliminating the possibility of corrosion, swelling, dead cells just when you finally need the Nano, or a messy, damaged Nano.
Silver Oxide cells have a much longer shelf and standby life, a greater capacity than their LR imitators, and a flatter discharge curve. They are worth the premium to keep that Nano clean and ready to go when finally you actually call upon it.
  • Silver Oxide cells have a longer shelf and standby life than Alkaline cells
  • Silver Oxide cells have a greater capacity and flatter discharge curve than Alkaline cells
  • Silver Oxide cells won't leak and ruin your gear and day.
  • Silver Oxide cells are a premium in price, but may save your Nano (or other favorite toy) from being damaged by leaky cells
Roselle, IL
Better fodder for your Streamlight Nano
December 16, 2016
Silver Oxide cells provide greater capacity, flatter discharge, and longer shelf life, making them ideal fodder for your Streamlight Nano Key Chain light. Annoyed by the leakage causing intermittency in your Nano? That's part of using LR41's, Alkaline cells... how often have you twisted the Nano to find it flickering, and opened it to find corrosion products that need to be scraped and cleaned off? Switch to the slightly more expensive SR41 Silver Oxide cells.
The Streamlight Nano, like it's bigger brother the Steamlight Key-Mate are just the ticket for hooking on those sewn-in lanyards you find in your toiletries bag, laptop case utility area, or carry on utility bag helping you to fish out a useful light to find stuff in your case or under your airline or rail coach seat. It's frustrating when the light doesn't work, just dimly glows, or flickers... all that most often due to the leakage and corrosion of the Alkaline cells most easily found in Dollar Stores or hardware stores. Try SR41/392's.
  • Greater capacity, flatter discharge, longer shelf life
  • Slight premium in price
worthington, ohio
great long-lasting button battery
October 15, 2021
This little battery has kept various of my daily-wear wrist watches running smoothly for more than 2 years.
By Jim
Fargo, ND
Energizer 392
July 29, 2019
These silver oxide batteries are dependable and convenient.
By Tim K.
Left Coast
Energized 392 Coin Batteries
January 14, 2019
Purchased these on sale for my laser light. They work perfectly . These batteries are are a good value for the money even when not in sale.
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Energizer 392 384 Silver Oxide 192 SR41SW SR41W 1pc (Each)

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