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Fenix CL27R USB-C Rechargeable LED Lantern - 1600 Lumens - Includes 1 x 21700

Brand: Fenix
Brand: Fenix
  • Flood, spot, flood+spot, and red modes - lighting options for any and every need!
  • Magnetic handle with tripod port for hands free lighting
  • Incredibly efficient battery - max runtime of 285 hours!
  • USB-C rechargeable - charge from power banks, outlets, and more

Fenix CL27R USB-C Rechargeable LED Lantern

Compact and Powerful Lantern

Intuitive form and powerful performance balance perfectly in the Fenix CL27R! In the combined spot and flood mode, this light's maximum output clocks in at 1600 lumens in a 590.55ft beam. This gives you powerful long- and close-range lighting. Spotlight mode's maximum 800-lumen output gives you 8 hours of long-distance visibility so you can see far off into the woods around your camp. Floodlight mode's 1200-lumen maximum output gives you broad, close-range lighting that illuminates your entire campsite. With the red mode, you even have lighting options to reduce ocular strain or efficiently signal your location during emergencies.

Features for Any Lifestyle

The CL27R includes features for adventurers, workers, and much, much more. Its magnetic handle provides users with hands-free lighting as long as they have access to a metal surface. This handle also has a threaded socket for tripods, perfect for campsites! Its dual rotary switches control brightness and color temperature for precise, adjustable lighting. The electronic switch further refines this precise control and expands your access to other lighting options, including a flashing mode for emergencies!

Supercharged Power

The included 5000mAh 21700 lithium-ion battery provides this light a maximum runtime of 285 hours, giving you lighting that lasts for days. With its USB-C port, the CL27R can recharge from outlets, power banks, and more! You can even plug in an external power source so keep this lantern running for even longer. To preserve this power as efficiently as possible, the built-in temperature protection will make each high mode step down automatically.

High Medium Low
Brightness 1200lumens 600lumens 10lumens
Runtime 4.3hours 5.5hours 170hours
Distance 180meters 37meters 5meters
Intensity 8233candela 345candela 7candela
High Medium Low
Brightness 800lumens 400lumens 5lumens
Runtime 8hours 10.25hours 285hours
Distance 177meters 123meters 16meters
Intensity 7225candela 3612candela 62candela
High Low
Brightness 1600lumens 15lumens
Runtime 3.83hours 100hours
Distance 16meters 180meters
Intensity 8233candela 81candela
Constant On Flashing
Brightness 10lumens 10lumens
Runtime 72hours 144hours
Distance 4.5meters 4.5meters
Intensity 5candela 5candela
  • Notable Features
  • » IP66 dust proofing and heavy rain resistance for use in any conditions
  • » Battery cover key locks your battery into its port, so it never falls out
  • » Handle rotates 360° for omni-directional lighting
  • » Luminus SST20 LED designed with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • » Dual distance beam system directs outputs with two lighting angles for max efficiency
  • » Aluminum alloy body improves durability, provides 4.92ft drop resistance
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