Fenix HL16 Lightweight LED Headlamp - 450 Lumens - Luminus SST20 - Includes 3 x AAA - Black, Pink, Green

Item #: FENIX-HL16-OPT
Brand: Fenix
Item #: FENIX-HL16-OPT
Brand: Fenix
  • Maximum output of 450 lumens for camping and hiking
  • Adjustable base can tilt the lighting angle up to 60°
  • Red LED prevents ocular strain and preserves night vision
  • Independent dual body switches for intuitive mode switching

Fenix HL16 Lightweight LED Headlamp - 450 Lumens

Lighting for Trails

Outdoorsy people need lighting gear that works for them beyond just providing visibility, so pick up the Fenix HL16! This light perfectly illuminates hiking trails and camping sites with a maximum output of 450 lumens in a 341.21ft (104m) beam. Its adjustable base, which can tilt forward up to 60°, allows users to create unique lighting angles for reading, running, or searching at night. Its lightweight PC body material and even lighter headband make it comfortable to wear for long-term use and easy to carry when the headlamp isn't needed.

Features that Elevate

With its red LED, the HL16 both preserves night vision and prevents ocular strain. This preserves your own vision as well as the eyesight of anyone you camp with. Its SOS mode also provides signaling for emergencies to better ensure your safety. Independent dual body switches allow for intuitive, seamless mode switching between its white and red LED modes. Lockout mode also prevents accidental activations while the headlamp is being stored or transported to preserve the batteries' energy and light's health.

Turbo High Medium Low
Brightness 450lumens 150lumens 50lumens 5lumens
Runtime 3*hours 8hours 27hours 100hours
Beam Distance 104meters 58meters 32meters 10meters
Intensity 2700candela 846candela 261candela 24candela
Brightness 5lumens 5lumens
Runtime 100hours 200hours
Beam Distance 6meters 6meters
Intensity 10candela 10candela
Please Note: The Turbo mode's runtime is calculated while including reductions in output from temperature and other protections.
  • Notable Features
  • » Maximum output of 450 lumens makes a 104m beam perfect for camping and hiking
  • » Adjustable base can tilt the headlamp 60° for unique lighting angles
  • » Red LED designed to preserve the user's night vision and prevent eye strain
  • » Headband is lightweight, removable, and easily washable
  • » PC material body construction allows for lightweight yet durable design
  • » IP66 rating protects against dust and water from entering the body of the light
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