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Fenix RC40 (2016) Rechargeable Flashlight - CREE XM-L2 U2 LED - 6000 Lumens - Includes 1 x 7.4V/7800mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack

Fenix RC40 flashlight side profile
Fenix RC40 flashlight right side angle
Close up of LEDs on Fenix RC40 flashlight
Fenix RC40 flashlight with close up of tail
Packaging for Fenix RC40 flashlight
Alternate packaging for Fenix RC40
Fenix RC40 flashlight in hand
Fenix RC40 flashlight side profile
Fenix RC40 flashlight right side angle
Close up of LEDs on Fenix RC40 flashlight
Fenix RC40 flashlight with close up of tail
Packaging for Fenix RC40 flashlight
Alternate packaging for Fenix RC40
Fenix RC40 flashlight in hand
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Fenix RC40 Rechargeable Flashlight 2016 Edition

Extremely Heavy-duty, Attractive Searchlight

The Fenix RC40 flashlight is now available in a 2016 edition for people looking for a great searchlight. The construction on the RC40 2016 edition is extremely heavy-duty, with its massive size and aerospace-grade aluminum shell that features an attractive Type III hard-anodized coating. The lumen output rates and LED bulb on this flashlight are also very powerful: the LED is six, yes, count them, six quality CREE XM-L2 U2 LED bulbs, that last for up to 50,000h and which produce 6000 lumens of intensely bright light when in Turbo mode; 4000 lumens when in High mode; 2000 lumens in Medium mode; 500 lumens in Low mode; and a unique moonlight-type setting called Eco mode, which produces 45 lumens. Two other modes are also available on the Fenix RC40 2016 edition: a strobe with 6000 lumens, and an SOS emergency mode with 500 lumens. The run times for these modes consist of: 1h for Turbo; 1h 50 min. for High; 4h 50 min. for Medium; 18h 15 min. for Low; and 125h for the Eco mode.

Super-sweeping Beam Distance

The beam/throw distance is a super-sweeping 730m; with this amount of range, you can easily see just about anything in the far distance, whether it be objects, people, or animals. This beam distance feature is part of what makes the RC40 2016 Edition such an efficient and excellent searchlight. The Candela rate/peak beam intensity is 133,200cd across all settings. There are two switches on the RC40's barrel made of stainless steel, one for the On/Off function, the other to click through the output modes. There is also a feature called a lock-out function that stops the flashlight from turning on unintentionally. There is a battery pack included with the RC40; it is a 7.4V, 7800mAh lithium-ion (li-ion) rechargeable battery pack that has a higher capacity and up to 500 charge-recharge sequences, so it will last longer when used within the flashlight.

Give Your Hands a Break with Included Shoulder Strap

A shoulder strap comes with the RC40 light, and with it, you can carry your flashlight around with you, and give your hands a break. The IPX-rating is 8, and the impact resistance is 1m. There are various components of the RC40's internal structure that make it a reliable and an effective flashlight, such as an intelligent memory circuit; over-heating protection; over-charging protection; and a digitally regulated output. To help with the over-heating protection, fins have been built onto the flashlight head to let heat disperse safely and appropriately. The lens is made of glass and has been hardened, and a non-reflective finish applied to it so it will be durable and will perform brilliantly for the user. An additional feature that will surely appeal to consumers is that the flashlight can double as an on-the-go power bank because it discharges so well. The RC40's tailcap is loaded with valuable features, like an easy-to-read battery charge indicator that will alert the user when the battery needs to be recharged. A charging port, as well as a discharging port, is also located on the tailcap. Fenix's five-year warranty is available with the RC40 2016 Edition, and a 7.4V 7800mAh lithium-ion (li-ion) rechargeable battery pack; an AC charger; one spare O-ring; a shoulder strap; an extra rubber boot switch; a DC car charger; an anti-dust plug for the charging port; an extra anti-plug for the USB port; a warranty card; and a user manual, are included with this cutting-edge and dependable searchlight.


  • Aerospace-grade aluminum body with Type III hard-anodized coating
  • Two switches made of stainless steel, one for On/Off, other to click through output modes
  • Lock-out function stops flashlight from turning on unintentionally
  • Has intelligent memory circuit; over-heating protection; over-charging protection; and digitally regulated output
  • Glass lens has been hardened, with applied non-reflective finish
  • Fins on flashlight head let heat disperse safely and appropriately
  • Doubles as on-the-go power bank
  • Easy-to-read battery charge indicator on tailcap
  • Charging port and discharging port also located on tailcap
  • Warranty: Five-year Fenix Warranty
  • Included Accessories:
    • 1 x 7.4V 7800mAh Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Rechargeable Battery Pack
    • 1 x Spare O-Ring
    • 1 x Shoulder Strap
    • 1 x AC Charger
    • 1 x DC Car Charger
    • 1 x Spare Rubber Boot Switch
    • 1 x Spare Anti-Dust Plug for Charging Port
    • 1 x Spare Anti-Dust Plug for USB Port


  • LED: 6 x CREE XM-L2 (U2) LEDs
  • Power Source: 1 x 7.4V 7800 mAh Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery Pack (Included)
  • Peak Beam Distance: 730 meters (2395 ft.)
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 133,200 cd
  • Brightness Outputs:
    • Turbo - 6000 Lumens - 1 Hour
    • High - 4000 Lumens - 1 Hour 30 Min.
    • Medium - 2000 Lumens - 4 Hours 5 Min.
    • Low - 500 Lumens - 18 Hours 15 Min.
    • Ultralow - 45 Lumens - 125 Hours
    • Strobe - 6000 Lumens - N/A
    • Ultralow - 500 Lumens - N/A
  • IPX Rating: IPX-8 (Waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters)
  • Impact Resistance: 1 meter (3.28 ft.)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 10.7" (272 mm)
    • Head Diameter - 4.3" (108 mm)
    • Body Diameter - 2.0" (52 mm)
  • Weight: 2 lb. 11.5 oz. (1234 kg)
Runtime (Hours):11.834.0818.25125
Output Modes:3+ Brightness Levels, SOS, Strobe
Compatible Batteries:Battery Pack
Batteries Included:Yes
Included Accessories:12V DC Charger, AC Wall Charger, Batteries, Spare O-ring(s), Spare Switch, Strap
Flashlight Usage:Search
Throw Distance (Max):730m
Switch Location:Body
Product Certifications:ANSI, IPX-8
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, Fenix 5 Year Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Primary Material:Anodized Aluminum
Product Weight:43.5oz
Product Dimensions:10.7" (L) x 4.3" (Head Diameter)2" (Body Diameter)
Country of Origin:China
By ColoRob
Denver, Colorado
Upgrade from a TK75
May 20, 2016
The Fenix RC40 has good throw, but not much better then the TK75, Has a much bigger hotspot then the TK75 though and therefore more flood so it would work better in a wider area then the TK75. I also like that it has the strobe & SOS modes, but wish they would add a beacon (how hard is it to add a mode to the light). If your light has the SOS function I think it should automatically should have the Beacon mode also as they compliment each other!!.I have both The TK75 and the RC40 and if I had to choose I would go with the RC40 because it does hit 6000 lumens and has the SOS mode, ruin time is similar to a stock TK75, but you can add extenders to the TK75 where I had to buy a second battery pack for extra run time for the RC40. Light is the nice crisp and cool white with a blue tone to it rather then a red tone to it which makes things stand out a bit more to me.
  • 6000 LUMENS, SOS Mode, recharger is built into the light with a power level indicator. Home and car adapter included for choice of charging locations. Great for wide areas to search due to a much bigger hotspot then most other flashlights produce there for having more flood area which makes searching a wider area a bit easier.
  • Why no Beacon mode??? You spend $300-$400 for 2000 extra lumens !! only takes a proprietary battery from Fenix. Price seems high, but I'm sure it will come down in about 6-8 months. I think a good combo for emergency would be a RC40 and there is an 1100 meter throw I have seen for lighting up objects from distance although the lumens aren't as high on the longer throw light. Yeah I know WTH less lumens yet longer throw. Hmmmm, seems counterintuitive!
By Edward
Townsend, MA
Great Searchlight very bright very high-quality
December 19, 2016
The fifth finish and function of this flashlight are unmatched. The brightness is amazing the five brightness levels are well spaced and the low mode is low enough not to wake your spouse during a late night trip.
  • Fit and finish
  • Brightness
  • Weight and size
  • Last of the big flashlights
  • Buttons are impossible to find at night. I have the older version of this light also and the buttons on that unit are just as bad. They did nothing to improve the tactile locatability of these buttons. Trying to find these buttons at night is all but impossible. I have had to rotate the light in my hand sometimes four or five revolutions before I can locate the proper button to turn this light on. This is a big fail for Fenix here. Please make the buttons easier to find! Take a lesson from the Noctigon Meteor M43.
By Tony M.
Boston, MA
Amazing bright light from Fenix
March 1, 2016
I'm a Fenix fan and this is my first rechargeable flashlight. It's really a search light and not a "flashlight". I tried it out in the dark with Turbo mode it lit up my backyard in the direction I pointed the light. Almost seemed like "daylight on demand". Great quality overall. It's a hefty unit and could be used to defend yourself, using the light strobe or as a hammer!
  • Over the top output on Turbo, quality, packaging, accessories (AC to DC and Auto 12V) charging cords.
  • Can be used to discharge into a USB device.
  • Most likely useful in search and rescue, home invasion deterrent (the strobe will cause vertigo!), weather disasters, and for us Flashaholics.
  • The blue fuel gauge and status LED's are cool to look.
  • This could be one of your last flashlights you will ever buy. I don't golf.
  • I wish that the ECO mode was 25 Lums instead of 45 Lums (I use the TK75 @ 25Lums as a night light) and it's just enough light to fall asleep. 45 Lums is brighter than most older tungsten based bulbs flashlights from the past.
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Fenix RC40 (2016) Rechargeable Flashlight - CREE XM-L2 U2 LED - 6000 Lumens - Includes 1 x 7.4V/7800mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack

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