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Fenix Ruike Tactical Knives and Tools

Fenix Ruike Banner

Introducing Fenix Ruike!

Fenix is excited to introduce their Ruike tactical knives and multi-function tools line! They have been working hard to engineer a unique design that is not only durable, but convenient for you as the user. The blades of these tactical knives are made with a durable stainless steel material that lasts longer and is less likely to be damaged, or broken. The multi-purpose knives in the series come with a variety of useful tools that can help you with your everyday chores.

Fenix Ruike tactical knives and multi-purpose tools are perfect for your every-day-carry collection. Ruike, properly pronounced "Rake" knives are compact, sleekly designed, and can handle any day-to-day chore that arises. Their sturdy EDC capability makes these knives perfect for tactical users, emergency responders, hunters, and even just your everyday workers.