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Fire Starters

When you find yourself out in the wilderness, the ability to start a fire is an essential capability to have, whether it is an expected necessity or an emergency situation. Whether you need fire for warmth, illumination, protection, signaling or as a method to cook, you won't get very far without the tools to initiate one. The moment when blankets aren't warm enough, your flashlight batteries run dry, your campsite is bothered by wildlife, or your food is too raw to eat, you'll be happy you brought a means to ignite.

Battery Junction is your fire-starting destination, offering a wide variety of fire-starting supplies, ranging from matches and lighters, to flints and tinder. There are a number of windproof and waterproof lighters and matches that can be used in rough weather conditions, which may be when you need them most. Battery Junction also offers a large selection of fire starters, which are used to ignite a fire, and tinder, which is used to keep the fire burning until the wood catches. Most of the fire-starting products are compact and can be used even in wet conditions, making them not only effective survival supplies, but convenient ones. Don't ever find yourself without the means to spark a fire when you need it most with Battery Junction's selection of fire starters!