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First Aid Supplies

Whether you are on the road, out at sea on a boat, or in the middle of the wilderness, having First Aid supplies is not just a good idea, it is an essential. Injuries can occur anywhere, especially when you find yourself outside the comfort of civilization. When you find yourself injured on the road or on the water, you may be miles away from any medical assistance you may need. Out in the wilderness, you may deal with uneven terrain, lack of shelter, harsh weather conditions or other elements of nature that may lead to injury. It's time that you preapared yourself.

From splints to brace a wound, to cold packs to reduce swelling, to full First Aid kits for various injuries, Battery Junction has the essential medical supplies you may need in the event of an emergency. Our diverse collection of First Aid kits, most if which come in water resistant pouches, vary in the amount of included medical supplies from the very basic bandages, gauze and antiseptic wipes, to very advanced kits including irrigation syringes, rubber gloves, and antibiotic ointments. Choose the First Aid supplies that fit your needs and expectations and never worry about being unprepared for a medical emergency.