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Top Fishing Lights

Night fishing is a great way to escape the commotion of boat traffic and competition of other fishermen, but it requires the right gear. Finding the right fishing flashlight can be a tricky process, so we have consulted the avid fishing fanatics within our company to determine what qualities make up a good fishing light! Unless you have a buddy there to hold the light for you, fishing flashlights should always be hands-free so you can keep both hands on your fishing rod and reel in that big catch. Headlamps with a floodlight beam work best for night fishermen because they keep your entire line of sight well lit without forming intense hotspots that can scary away fish. Since scanning the water and baiting your hook require different levels of light, having a number of different outputs in your fishing light is essential.

Fenix HL18R-T

When it comes to keeping your hands free for rod and reel and your area lit, few meet the task like the Fenix HL18R-T. Made for sport, it is lightweight, breathable and easy to use.

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Nitecore HU60

If you're looking for some serious LED power on your next fishing expedition, the HU60 is the hands-free solution you need. Incredible power paired with a simple interface and comfortable headstrap - this one is a win!

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Finding the Best Flashlight for Night Fishing

What Kind of Light Do You Need?

Trying to find the right flashlight for your next night fishing expedition can be a difficult process. What you need in your fishing flashlight is heavily dependent on your catch, your location, and your method. Catching catfish off your 10-foot jon boat may require a different light than fishing for bass off the dock or snapper offshore. Some fish are scared off by light while others seem to be attracted to it. With plenty of factors to consider, we've broken down a handful of the most important characteristics of a good fishing light to come up with a solid list of lights that will benefit most fishermen.

Brightness: See Don't Scare

We'll start off with the most basic aspect of any good fishing flashlight; brightness. Night fishing can be a great way to avoid boat traffic and other fishermen, but the lack of daylight can make it difficult to spot your prey even in the moonlight. On top of that, baiting or tying a fly on your hook can be a pain without good visibility. A bright flashlight that offers a max output between 250 and 500 Lumens of light will provide plenty of brightness to see both the surface of the water and what's right in front of you. Higher brightnesses can be useful for certain situations, particularly when going after fish that are attracted to light, but keep in mind such a powerful light source may also do the opposite depending on what you're catching. Getting a fishing flashlight with multiple brightness levels will help you cover all your bases.

Colored LEDs are a HUGE Plus

One of the most useful qualities of any good fishing flashlight is having secondary colored LEDs, particularly red and green LEDs. If you're fishing for something that usually feeds at night like catfish, a moderately white light may be enough to scare them off. Red light has difficulty penetrating through water so it'll be significantly less disruptive to the while still providing you with plenty of visibility. Green light on the other hand can be used to attract your catch. It's been shown that green light can attract smaller bait fish, which will in turn draw larger catches right to you! Getting a flashlight that comes with red, green, or both secondary LEDs will significantly improve your night fishing.

Hands-Free Design

Fishing can be a major undertaking that requires all your attention, focus, and most importantly, both of your hands. Therefore, to properly illuminate your next night fishing venture, you'll have to come supplied with a hands-free lighting option so you have both of your mitts free to reel in that big one! For most night fishermen, a headlamp is the most appropriate fishing flashlight; it always shines directly at your line of sight and needs no surface other than your dome to rest on. Most of our fishing headlamps come with top straps for a more secure hold for those rocky waters and a tiltable head to let you choose the lighting angle that best fits your needs. If you're not into wearing your light source or you just need to keep the inside of your boat lit, a lantern with a good diffuser will provide you with plenty of soft light.

Floodlighting and Adjustable Beams

If you're trying to scan the water for any movement, you'll be more effective with a broader beam that covers a larger area of its surface. While not essential, a fishing flashlight with a wide floodlight beam will give you a more complete look of the surrounding water and a higher chance of spotting your catch. Several of our fishing headlamps offer rotating lenses, allowing you to adjust the width of your beam to fit your needs.

Water Resistance

The final and most obvious quality in any good fishing flashlight is strong water resistance. The last thing you want while out on the water in the middle of the night is for your headlamp or lantern to break from a brief drop in the water. All of our fishing flashlights are protected from splashing water and the large majority can be safely submerged with no damage, making them safe to use no matter how aquatic the environment!