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Fitorch ET25GT Extender Tube for the P25GT

Brand: Fitorch
Brand: Fitorch
  • Enables you to use the optimal 26650 battery for boosted runtimes
  • 33% longer flashlight body provides a larger grip area
  • Easy installment and seamless integration on the P25GT light body

Fitorch ET25GT Extender Tube

Achieve Extraordinary Performance For Your P25GT

The Fitorch ET25GT Extender Tube flawlessly integrates with the P25GT Little Fatty to double the size of its battery compartment so you can take advantage of the formidable 26650 battery for longer runtimes and achieve peak performance. This 1" extender tube boosts the total length of the P25GT by more than 30%, providing a larger grip area and allowing for even more precise aiming of the beam. Install the ET25GT extender tube to see just what your P25GT powerhouse is really capable of!

Please note: Only flat top 26650 batteries can be used with extender tube.

  • Notable Features
  • » Lengthened P25GT flashlight body accommodates larger hands and a tighter grip and finer aiming control
  • » Allows use of a superior 26650 power supply thanks to double battery compartment capacity
  • » HA III anodized aluminum alloy matches the P25GT material exactly so the tube won't stand out
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