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Fitorch Flashlights

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About Fitorch

Fitorch (meaning Fine & Fit) is a manufacturer of top-notch flashlights, and lives by the mission of providing "Realistic, Innovative, & Heartfelt Service". Each product design is researched and developed in response to community feedback, leading to popular features like powerbank functionality, zoom-adjustable beams, and tri-button tailcaps for improved one-handed UI. Whether you're looking for an outdoor, hunting, tactical, or EDC flashlight, there's a Fitorch made just for you.

How are Fitorch flashlights made?

Fitorch uses die-casting to create intricate designs without compromising on strength, heat dissipation, or affordability. Billet aluminum is used instead of the typical tubular aluminum, ensuring each product features a military HAIII hard anodized finish to protect against scratches and dents. Fitorch's advanced circuitry utilizes additional microcomputer processors to focus on efficient UI and maximized battery life.

What is a triple tail-switch?

Fitorch's patented triple tail-switch is uniquely designed with dual paddles around a central button. Every second counts in a tactical situation, and you shouldn't need two hands to get the lighting mode you need. Twist the tailswitch to toggle the bidirectional mechanical lockout function, preventing accidental activation whilst in your pocket or bag. You can find the triple tail-switch in action on their M-series tactical lights.

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