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Flashlight Chargers - Cradles, Docks & Cables

Flashlight Chargers

Easily Charge Your Light

Have you recently purchased a rechargeable flashlight? Are you looking for an easier way to keep the light's battery fully charged and ready to go? If so, then these flashlight chargers are the perfect solution! Rechargeable flashlights provide users with a more environmentally-friendly and easier way to keep their lights powered at all times. Flashlight chargers make using these illumination tools even easier than ever before, as they eliminate the need to remove the batteries from light itself. No more worrying about batteries rolling off the table or getting intermingled with others that may or may not be charged. In most cases, all you need to do is slide the the flashlight into the cradle or place it onto the base. In addition to flashlight charging cradles and bases, we also offer a selection of USB and proprietary plugs that connect directly to a light.

Variety of Brands Available

These flashlight charger products are designed for use with specific makes and models. For example, the Olight R Dock charging cradle works exclusively with the R50 Pro and R50 Pro LE handheld flashlights. Order this replacement flashlight charger as a secondary charging station for your home or your office. Having multiple power locations will prevent your light from becoming drained, therefore making it ready for use at all times! The Klarus CH2C, on the other hand, is designed for use with the ST2C light. This particular product screws directly onto the body of the flashlight (replacing the head) in order for users to connect a USB cable to the li-ion battery pack. While we no longer sell the ST2C light, this screw-on flashlight charger gives you the ability to continue your previously purchased product's lifespan and usability.

More to Come!

When making your selection, please be sure that your light is compatible with our products. Have questions or need help selecting the right flashlight charger for your needs? Please feel free to contact our customer service staff, who is well educated on all of lighting tool products and their corresponding accessories. We are also constantly expanding our selection. Please check back often to find the latest and greatest flashlights and power supplies currently available. These flashlight charger accessories will never let you get stuck with a dead flashlight battery again!