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Flashlight Headbands

Want to convert your flashlight into a hands-free illumination tool? Have an old headlamp that needs a new strap? If so, then this selection of flashlight headbands is for you! From Streamlight to Petzl, we offer a wide variety of brand names and designs. The beauty of using a flashlight headband is that it gives users the ability to continue with their normal activities and tasks without having to worry about balancing multiple items in their hands. Walking the dog, for example, typically requires a firm grip on the dog's leash. Add a hand-held flashlight to the mix, as well as some freshly deposited fecal matter, and disaster will ensue. With a headlamp, users are able to illuminate the path in front of them without using their hands, thus giving them the ability to hold the leash in one hand and the poop in another, thus avoiding disaster!

Flashlight headbands are also useful in professional settings. Plumbers and construction workers, for example, may find themselves in dark areas while building or while making repairs. If they have to hold a flashlight in one hand, the task at hand instantly becomes more challenging. Adding a flashlight headband eliminates the obstacle! In addition to different styles, we also offer different materials. For comfort and flexibility, choose an elastic band with an adjustable strap. We also offer rubber headbands from Petzl, which are perfect for placement over top of a helmet. Please feel free to browse through our entire selection of flashlight headbands to find the right accessory for your needs.