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Tactical Lights

BatteryJunction.com is your go-to stop for tactical LED flashlights and their various accessories.

Theses LED flashlights are specifically designed for military and law enforcement use and are built to the highest standards of reliability and performance. There are a number of features that set these devices apart from the pack and turn an everyday flashlight into a truly capable tactical accessory. Rugged construction: a tactical flashlight should be built of the most durable materials, like aerospace aluminum and stainless steel. Tactical Interface: Tactical lights should always feature a tail-switch for activation. This allows one-handed operation for use in conjunction with a fire arm, or for use when another hand is injured or incapacitated. Striking bezel: A striking bezel is an excellent accessory that transforms your flashlight into an effective tool for self-defense. Blinding Strobe: Finally, a strobe mode can be an important feature for tactical operations. A blinding strobe can be an easy by to disorient and diffuse aggressors from a distance.