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Tactical Lights

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What is a Tactical Flashlight & Why Would You Need One?

What exactly classifies a light as "tactical"? In simple terms, a tactical flashlight is one that is used in conjunction with a firearm, so a marksman, a law enforcement officer, or a soldier can aim their weapon at the same time as they are illuminating a target. These LED flashlights are packed with a ton of features from which everyone can benefit. A blinding strobe, multiple output modes, durable construction, momentary-on output, and a defensive strike bezel are just a few. These tactical LED flashlights are specifically designed for military and law enforcement use and are built to the highest standards of reliability and performance. There are a number of features that set these devices apart from the pack and turn an everyday flashlight into a truly capable tactical accessory:

Strobe Function for Safety

A blinding strobe mode can be an important feature for tactical operations. A blinding strobe can be an easy by to disorient and diffuse aggressors from a distance. Tactical flashlight with a strobe output provides users with a non-lethal tool to disorient an attacker. Having direct access to this feature may literally be lifesaving! Homeowners can benefit from this option as it provides them with a non-lethal way of protecting their home from intruders. The way flashlight strobes work is the that fast cycling of light makes it difficult for a target's brain to adjust to the changing brightness levels. As a result, the target becomes disoriented and his vision is disrupted. Additionally, the suspect experiences "after image", where there is a temporary imprint on the light on his vision. This is similar to when you accidentally look at the sun or have your photograph taken with the flash on and you see spots for a few minutes afterward. This effect essentially stuns the target, thus giving a police officer or homeowner enough time to subdue the target.

Bright White Output

The same effect could also be created using an incredibly bright flashlight, such as the Nitecore TM03, which offers a maximum output of 2800 lumens. (Note that the TM03 also has a Strobe option as well.) For this reason, we've included tactical lights that range in brightness levels from 275 to 2800 lumens in our growing collection of tactical led flashlights. In reality, you only need a light that has a 200-lumen output in order to affect a target's vision.

Tail-Mounted Switch is a Must

A true tactical flashlight is equipped with a tail-mounted switch and allows for momentary-on illumination. This allows one-handed operation for use in conjunction with a firearm, or for use when another hand is injured or incapacitated. This also gives users the ability to communicate with allies, quietly. Ideally, the tail switch will be protruding so as to be easily activated, even while wearing gloves.

Rugged Construction

Tactical LED flashlights should be built of the most durable materials, like aerospace aluminum and stainless steel.

Striking Bezel

A striking bezel is an excellent accessory that transforms your flashlight into an effective tool for self-defense.

Too Many Features to Name Them All

A couple of other features to consider when choosing a tactical light are its power source and its size. We recommend utilizing flashlights that run on non-rechargeable Lithium batteries, as this chemistry offers a long shelf life, a high capacity and a low self-discharge. If you'd prefer to use rechargeable batteries, we would suggest utilizing one that is internally rechargeable with a built-in charging port. Finally, we will briefly discuss size. A good tactical flashlight should be small enough to comfortably carry with you, but large enough so as balance your flashlight shooting grip. We recommending keep your tactical lights between 3 and 9 inches long.