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18650 Flashlights

18650 flashlights are some of the most popular flashlights currently on the market as they are combined with the Lithium-based 18650 batteries which are some of the most frequently used in LED lights. Whether using a single or multiple 18650s, these flashlights pack a massive punch and are significantly popular among enthusiasts and casual users. 18650 flashlights are also rechargeable either through a USB port on the flashlight or by charging the batteries yourself, saving you money down the road on new batteries. Produced by the most popular brands like Nitecore, Olight, Klarus, and Fenix, 18650 flashlights are equipped with significant beam throw, runtimes, and lumen output. No matter if you’re searching for a new EDC, tactical, search, or a new headlamp, there will be a 18650 flashlight that will be a perfect fit.