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3+ x 18650 Flashlights

The more power a flashlight requires the more batteries it needs. 18650 batteries are the most popular power source among flashlights and these particular one require 3 or more 18650s to power. These particular 18650 flashlights are suited towards search and rescue operations more than anything else due to the power that they require. As a result, these flashlights have brighter lumen outputs, greater throw, and longer runtimes. If you're looking for something large and in charge, a flashlight that requires 3 or more 18650s is the perfect place to start the search. BatteryJunction offers has a large range of the most trusted flashlight brands and only the brightest brands produce flashlights with three or more 18650s. Browse around for brands like Nitecore, Acebeam, and Fenix; some of the most trusted names in flashlights. At BatteryJunction, we pride ourselves on not only our wide range of selection, but our constant everyday low price.