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AAA Flashlights

The Best AAA Flashlights

Why Choose a AAA Flashlight?

AAA flashlights are some of the most popular lights currently on the market today; however, many users are asking why. Why are these small, low-output flashlights dominating the industry when there are bigger, more powerful options out there? We took a step back from our normal platform of 'bigger is better' and broke down the reasons why these AAA flashlights are just so popular.

Size Matters

When comparing AAA batteries with other non-rechargeable cells on the market, you will quickly see that the AAA is one of the smallest available. As a result, flashlights that are powered by AAA batteries are able to be much smaller and more compact. AAA flashlights are therefore predominately used as everyday carry lights. In fact, the average length of our AAA flashlights is just four inches long! A four-inch-long EDC light is the perfect size for sliding into your pocket or for storing in your bag. These alkaline-powered lights are available in a variety of styles as well, including as penlights and as keychain lights. The small-sized battery gives users the ability to carry an illumination tool with them at all times, without being weighed down or feeling uncomfortable. Sure, some of the larger lights have pocket clips, but are you really going to hold a ten-inch-long light on your hip?

While penlights are ideally meant for use as an inspection light or for searching for a lost item in the dark, keychain lights are often used to navigate dark parking lots. Something else to consider is the size and weight of the batteries themselves. Because the most-used AAA batteries are alkaline or non-rechargeable, you will need to carry backup batteries with you, if your trip or excursion is projected to take a while. The weight and size of your backup batteries is an important factor to consider when space is limited. One of our colleagues is gearing up to trek the Appalachian trail this year. When choosing the right illumination tools for his journey, he strongly considered using AAA flashlights because of oh how lightweight and small the batteries are, while still offering adequate and reliable output levels. This explains some of the major differences between AAA flashlights and those that are powered by coin cells, which typically only ready about 50 lumens. Coin cell flashlights are also typically much smaller, to a point where they may be almost too small and therefore more difficult to use.

Modest Outputs

With the improvement of LED technology, we are able to obtain brighter outputs in smaller forms. Some of the best AAA flashlights are those that have benefited from these advancements. As you can see, our selection ranges in lumen outputs from a mere 8 lumens to am impressive 850! While this intense output is obtained using three AAA batteries, standard single AAA flashlights offer a more modest output of about 300 lumens. This may not be earth-shattering when it comes to brightness levels; however, for everyday usage, 300 lumens is really the most you will need. Three-hundred lumens can find the missing back to your wife's favorite pair of earrings. Three-hundred lumens will find the leaky pipe under the sink.

Another great feature of AAA flashlights is their ability to power multiple output modes. About three-quarters of our collection of AAA lights offer either two or more output options. The SureFure Titan, for example, offers two illumination levels to accommodate the varying needs of an EDC user. The 125-lumen High mode is perfect for everyday tasks, while the 15-lumen light is more suited for low-light reading or for long-term utilization, such as during a power outage or while out at a campsite.

Convenient Replacements

One of the biggest selling features of AAA flashlights is the convenience of finding replacement batteries. While we are biased and hope that all of our customers buy their batteries from us, we understand just how important it is the keep your lights powered, and sometimes you just have to make the sacrifice and buy them from your local brick-and-mortar store. We forgive you. The fact that AAA batteries can be found at any major retailer, grocery store, mom-and-pop bait shop make AAA flashlights the go-to EDC for those who travel frequently or who won't be near an electricity source to recharge their NiMH cells. Alkaline cells are also now free from mercury, therefore making them easy to dispose of - just throw them out with the rest of your garbage!

So there you have it. We've broken down all of the reasons why AAA flashlights are some of the most popular lights out there. Not quite what you need? No problem. We offer a broad selection of LED flashlights, which can all be broken down by power source, flashlight type, or by brand. Browse through the entire collection to find the right flashlight for your individual needs. Or feel free to stock up on AAA batteries from us, before your next big adventure.