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QuiqLite Pro Red and White LED Light - 10 Lumens - Includes 2 x CR2032

Brand: QuiqLite
Brand: QuiqLite
  • Coin cell compatibility offers replaceable power and 40-hour runtime
  • 10 lumens of white or red light great for accomplishing administrative tasks
  • Safety strobe for augmented signaling and visibility
  • Includes a pupil gauge on the back to help test sobriety in traffic stops

QuiqLite Pro - Red/White

Ample Light – Long Runtime

The QuiqLite Pro is an innovative hands-free light that offers 10 lumens of brightness for administrative tasks like writing citations and conducting traffic stops. Thanks to a pair of easily replaceable coin cells, the QuiqLite Pro has a consistent runtime of 40 hours across its red, white, and safety strobe outputs. With these different outputs, you can adapt the light to your situation, with red light preserving natural night vision and white light unveiling the dark. The red/white strobe enhances your safety by the roadside, especially when paired with the QuiqFlare diffuser attachment.

Highly Directional Light

While the QuiqLite Pro emits a wide beam to illuminate all that's in front of you, the light also achieves directional illumination. Using its 180-degree adjustable light arm and rotating 360 degrees on the magnetic QuiqClip, you can direct light where it is most needed. This makes you more capable on the job by providing you with illuminated, hands-free access to tasks on-demand.

Fit for First Responders

Attaching to uniform shirt pockets and MOLLE webbing systems, the QuiqLite Pro is a great choice for first responders including law enforcement and EMTs. Hands-free, directional light with a wide beam can be a lifesaver in the right circumstances.

White Red Strobe
Brightness 10lumens 10lumens 10lumens
Runtime 40hours 40hours 40hours
  • Notable Features
  • » 180-degree vertically adjustable light arm and 360 degrees of rotation on QuiqClip provide highly directional lighting
  • » QuiqFlare attachment increases visibility for enhanced safety
  • » Red light helps preserve natural night vision while white light illuminates specific details
  • » 10-minute auto-off function preserves batteries, keeping the QuiqLite Pro ready to react
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