Ledlenser MH8 Rechargeable LED Headlamp - Xtreme Multi-Color LED - 600 Lumens - Includes Li-ion Battery Pack - Black with Black Button (880556)

Item #: LEDLENSER-880556
Brand: Ledlenser
Item #: LEDLENSER-880556
Brand: Ledlenser
  • Focusable and tilting headlamp for a wide variety of users and environments.
  • Multi-color LEDs in red, green and blue for use while hunting and fishing.
  • Four brightness settings and two energy modes for ultimate illumination.
  • Detachable lamp for hands-free and hand-held use.

Ledlenser MH8 Rechargeable LED Headlamp - 880556

600 Lumens, Multi-Color LED

The Ledlenser MH8 is a multi-functional headlamp designed for a variety of users and environments. Equipped with a multi-color LED, you have the option of white, red, green, and blue lighting to assist you in whatever adventure you might be on. Blue and green lighting is a favorite amongst fishermen while the red lighting can be useful for hunting and nighttime reading. Capable of emitting 600 lumens on high and reaching 200 meters into the dark, the MH8 is an ideal accessory for hiking, camping, trailblazing and more.

Focusable and Tilting Head

The MH8 has the unique feature of an Advanced Focus System, which allows you to go from a floodlight to a spotlight beam pattern in one-hand motion. Adjust the tilt of the lamp up to 50° for precise lighting on tough trails and foggy environments.

Innovative Mounting

This headlamp can be used as a hands-free lighting device, or if needed in smaller spaces, remove the lamp from its mounting system to utilize as a hand-held flashlight. Never have to carry two different lights on an adventure or trip again.

Dual Fuel and Energy Modes

Powered by a high-capacity li-ion battery pack, the MH8 has extended run times ranging from 3.5 hours to a maximum of 40 hours on Constant Light mode. For convenience, Ledlenser has made this light capable of also accepting a single AA battery (Alkaline or NiMH). To maximize user experience, this headlamp has two different energy modes - Constant Light and Energy Saving. For those long hikes, Energy Saving mode can get you through the night with extended run times. When superior illumination is required, use the Constant Light mode for a non-flickering, consistent beam pattern.

Turbo(Boost) High(Power) Med(Mid Power) Low(Low Power)
Brightness 600lumens 400lumens 170lumens 20lumens
Runtime - 7hours 10hours 60hours
Beam Distance 200meters 180meters 120meters 40meters
Turbo(Boost) High(Power) Med(Mid Power) Low(Low Power)
Brightness 600lumens 220lumens 120lumens 20lumens
Runtime - 3.5hours 8hours 40hours
Beam Distance 200meters 140meters 100meters 40meters
  • Notable Features
  • » Focusable and tilting headlamp for precise lighting
  • » 600 lumen max output and max run time of 60 hours
  • » Multi-colored LED to assist in a wide range of activities and environments
  • » Dual fuel - accepts a single AA battery (alkaline or NiMH) as well as included battery pack
  • » Rechargeable through magnetic charging system
  • » Two energy modes to maximize user experience
  • » Detachable lamp for hand-held and hands-free lighting
  • » Lockout mode to prevent accidental activation in transit
  • » Temperature control system to keep light and battery safe from overheating
  • » Headband made from comfortable and washable elastic

Note: This headlamp is equipped with a cooling technology system that will automatically reduce lumen output when a certain temperature is reached to prevent damage to the light or battery. The lumens will increase again once a normal temperature is reached.

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