Pelican 2765C LED Headlamp - 155 Lumens - Includes 3 x AAA - Black or Yellow

Item #: PELICAN-027650-0103-110-OPT
Brand: Pelican
Item #: PELICAN-027650-0103-110-OPT
Brand: Pelican

Pelican 2765C Headlamp

Downcast Mode | 155 Lumens | Class I Div I Safe

Pelican's new 2765C is an intrinsically safe headlamp for the workplace with a Class I Div I safety rating. Three LEDs provide multiple brightness modes including a downcast function that lights up the path beneath your feet. Downcast lighting is great for hiking, biking, reading a map, or talking to a friend without blinding them. The 2765 also comes with classic high, low, and flashing outputs. The full-time battery level indicator keeps an eye on your charge time so you're never left in the dark on the job. Pelican's 2765 C is available in black and yellow, and pairs well with their head strap retainers and headlamp adapter.


Triple LED design for versatile lighting solutions
Downcast mode great for traveling, reading, or talking
Convenient single push button for one-handed operation
Built-in full time battery level indicator
AAA batteries are affordable and available anywhere
IP54 water resistance works great for outdoor weather
81m (266ft) throw lights up your path/trail with ease

Brightness Outputs (Lumens, Runtime, Throw)

  • [High] Main: 155 Lm - 6.25 Hr - 81 M
  • [High] Main & Downcast: 132 Lm - 5.5 Hr - 68 M
  • [Low] Main & Downcast: 78 Lm - 8 Hr - 46 M
  • Downcast: 34 Lm - 14 Hr - 10 M


  • Brand: Pelican
  • Battery: 3 x AAA
  • Rechargeable: No
  • Peak Intensity: 1,649cd
  • Max Throw: 81m (266ft)
  • IPX Rating: IP54 Waterproof
  • Impact Resistance: 1m (3.28ft)
  • Switch: Push Button


  • Length: 57mm (2.25")
  • Weight: 96.38g (3.4oz)
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